4 Awesome Additions to an Outfit

by Lori Sciame | January 23rd, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

bracelet (400x400)It’s the little things that really make the difference.  From a Baker’s Dozen at the grocer’s to the unexpected bonus at work, we all enjoy those surprise extras.  Fashion accessories are like that; they add a measure of surprise to an outfit. I guess in fashion, it’s the finishing touches  that present an image of giving something more.

In 2015, fashion accessories scream for attention, as there’s just so many choices.  By adding one of four trendy items to you next ensemble, you’ll be gifting those around you with that little something extra I described above.  Read this post to learn more about four awesome additions to an outfit.

Sexy boots are in.  Many women, including myself, received a pair for Christmas, and others snapped up several pair during the after holiday sales.  To finish off the look, one needs to make sure to invest in over the knee boot socks.  Since this accessory is hot, there are hundreds of styles to choose from, including lace trimmed and brightly patterned versions.  Follow this link to an example of a versatile boot sock offered by retailer giant, Target.

You might not have thought that socks would be a hot fashion accessory, but they fit the bill, and in 2015, the stocking cap has also become a fashion staple.  To finish the look of a cold weather outfit, one must don a stocking or other knit cap. Don’t believe me?  All you need to do to be convinced it look at any magazine, TV show, or even professional football game.  Yes! Even the football players have hopped on the trend.  Check out Etsy for dozens of fun and reasonably priced stocking caps.

Another awesome addition – or finishing touch – to the perfect ensemble is the bracelet.  Not to be ignored, bracelets have come roaring back over the past few years.  Choose from colorful beaded styles to in our face cuff versions.  Wear one, or stack several; it’s completely up to you.  For a casual look, these bold beauties from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads will certainly lend a visual pop to your outfit, and the price is amazing (under $4 each online).

Finally, don’t leave home without tossing on a scarf.  Choose from heavy knit varieties to complement your new winter jacket, or go for the flowy versions knotted delicately over a cashmere sweater.  The key to remember – scarves add a special punch to your overall look.  Still not sure of all the ways to use a scarf?  Then watch this video courtesy of Nordstrom’s.  Models show viewers 8 ways to integrate the scarf into cold weather fashion.

These four items will cost you very little, yet they will add a new dimension to your look – one of completeness.  While you may have spent a lot of time picking out the major pieces thinking that’s all you needed to look good, you must remember that the little things really do have a huge impact.  Consider purchasing boot socks, stocking caps, bracelets, and scarves to amp up your style quotient this season.



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