4 Cheap Beauty Products with Rich Results

by Lori Sciame | November 27th, 2015 | Beauty Products, Women's Beauty

woman conditioning hair (400x400)I have always been frugal, especially when contemplating beauty product purchases. While many women have fallen for slick advertising campaigns, I’ve turned a deaf ear to ads.  Instead, I’ve done a lot of research on skin and hair care. What I’ve found out will amaze you, and it will save you a lot of money.

Sunscreen – The Miracle Worker

One reasonably priced product increases the quality of the skin immensely: sunscreen.  I have used sunscreen daily since I turned 30 years-old.  The results have been astonishing. My skin has far less wrinkles and blemishes than that of my peers.  In fact, my students (I work at a university) marvel at my age, often commenting on my young looking skin.Even if you haven’t used sunscreen daily, begin to do so now.  It is never too late to protect your skin.

Follow this link to view a sample sunscreen/moisturizer that I have found to be effective.

Petroleum Jelly – So Many Uses

It’s sticky, gooey, and so helpful.  If you haven’t used petroleum jelly as part of your beauty routine, then you have missed out.  In winter it soothes chapped lips and hands.  For instance, when harsh weather damages the skin on my hands, I will slather on petroleum jelly before bedtime, then don a pair of gloves.  In the morning, my hands feel soft and supple.  (This also works for the feet). Petroleum jelly can also be used as a makeup remover, a cuticle cream, eyebrow tamer, and more.

See how cheap this amazing product can be by clicking here.

Lemon Juice – Much More than Flavoring

Lemon juice is a natural beauty enhancer. For years, young women have poured lemon juice on their hair, then sat in the sun. The resulting highlights truly shine brightly.  In addition, lemon juice can be used to battle acne. Dab the juice of a fresh lemon on the affected area on the face. It will help to reduce inflammation, and sources say it actually kills the bacteria that causes the blemishes.  (Use sparingly if you have sensitive skin).

The best thing about lemons: they are cheap!

Mayonnaise – Hair Moisturizer Extraordinaire

I first learned about using mayonnaise as a hair moisturizer 40 years ago. Why question an age old beauty trick that really works? Several years ago, I accidentally damaged my long hair in a hot tub that had just been chemically treated.  Nothing worked to restore my hair’s moisture, until I remembered good old mayonnaise.

First I wet my hair, then I heated approximately one cup of mayonnaise in the microwave until just warmed.  Then I applied the condiment to my damaged ends and wrapped my head in a towel for 20 minutes.  After, I washed my hair with a gentle shampoo and rinsed thoroughly.  Unlike the store bought products, the mayonnaise worked!  It truly was a miracle.

Remember, beauty products do not have to be in slick packaging or cost a lot to work.  Simple items, such as sunscreen, petroleum jelly, lemon juice and mayonnaise perform just as well as their expensive counterparts.

(Photo courtesy of Goodluz)

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