4 Comfortable and Chic Work Outfits

by Lori Sciame | September 30th, 2015 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

clothes on racks (400x400)Who says that going to work requires one to wear uncomfortable clothes? On the contrary, women’s trendy office attire for fall 2015 promises wearers both comfort and style.  From dazzling swing dresses, to playful pixie pants, invest in the following clothing pieces that will help you feel good at the office.

Get ready to say good-bye to constricting necklines and scratchy fabrics and hello to easy comfort with the following four outfits!

Swing into Style

Fall calls for a bit more coverage, but extra coverage doesn’t have to mean boring.  Instead, buy a trendy swing dress to herald the season.  Today’s swing dresses hug the body in all the right places – the arms and bust – then they literally swing away from the stomach and hips.  Old Navy has several versions of the swing dress available, many appropriate for a casual office setting. Check out this black and white striped version made of ultra-soft jersey.  Pair it with a dramatic black bag and suede booties to complete the look.

Attention Grabbing Plaid

Plaid fabrics naturally generate a sense of fun. Why  not invest in a plaid pencil skirt, one with a forgiving waistline, to inject a little fun into your work clothing collection? Imagine a deep red plaid skirt paired with sassy patent leather loafers and a solid colored sweater.  This look, while very comfortable, presents the image of an approachable, but put together woman.  View an example of a gorgeous plaid midi pencil skirt by clicking here.

Quilted Jacket Comfort

Being from a perpetually cold part of the United States, I am always on the look out for trendy, yet warm clothing for the office.  This fall Old Navy has warmed my heart with the introduction of the quilted jacket.  While lightweight, this little beauty offers enough heat to ward off any office chill, plus it looks fantastic when paired with a solid color skirt and printed shell.  Available in a muted green and black, this jacket will surely become an integral part of your work wardrobe – if you yearn for comfort. View this darling office must have by following this link.

Pretty Pixie Pants

In addition to the quilted jacket, Old Navy has another winner on its hands: the pixie pant. For those women who are petite, finding a pant that doesn’t overwhelm your frame can be difficult.  Look no further than the tapered pixie pant!  While the pixie pant will hug you from the waist down, that hug will feel delightful, as these pants are made from cozy fabrics including knits. Pixie pants will look absolutely adorable with suede smoking shoes and a chunky, solid color sweater. Interested? Then click here.

Comfortable and Chic – What More Can a Working Woman Ask For?

Going to work every day can become a chore, especially if one chooses uncomfortable clothing.  This fall, vow to purchase office attire that increases your comfort level, while still presenting the correct image.  Swing dresses, plaid skirts, quilted jackets, and pixie pants are a great place to start.

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