4 Coverups for a Cold Office

by Lori Sciame | August 20th, 2015 | Office Wear, Plus-Size Fashion

shawl (400x400)Feeling physically comfortable at work can boost productivity.  If a woman is too cold, she will find it harder to concentrate, especially when she’s rubbing the thousands of goose bumps on her arms.  Most who work in an office atmosphere can relate to this predicament. Whether the air conditioning has been set too high in the summer, or the heat has been set too low in the winter, the fact remains, a cozy coverup could help improve the a working woman’s situation.

Read this post to learn about four coverups perfect for plus-sized women to wear at the office.

1. Pashmina Shawls Drape Wonderfully

Pashmina shawls will ward off a chill in no time. These ultra-chic wool garments gained popularity in the 1990’s, and they still grace women’s shoulders today.  This is because they not only warm the body, they feel extremely soft. I simply adore the many classy ways one can wear the pashmina.  Follow this link for directions for several office ready looks.

2. Boyfriend Cardigans Cover Flawlessly

Women’s boyfriend cardigan sweaters can keep you warm at the office as well.  These relaxed fit button up sweaters come in neutral colors – such as black, brown, and grey – so you can toss one on whenever you begin to feel a bit chilly – no matter the color of your outfit.  Old Navy offers this office essential for under $23.00 online.  Don’t worry about not looking good in the boyfriend cardigan sweater.  Their roomy structure fits well on almost any body type.

3. Lightweight Gauze Scarves: The Perfect Accessory

Sometimes, all one needs to feel a bit warmer is a trendy lightweight gauze scarf.  Being from Wisconsin, I tend to wear scarves to work at least once per week year round. They not only dress up solid color sweaters and blouses, they can be unfolded and draped across the shoulders if the need arises.  I own over two dozen scarves, but my favorites are made from gauze.  Check out this patterned gauze scarf from Old Navy.  It’s under $10 online.

4.  Button-up Blouses Will Save the Day

A light-weight blouse can also come to the rescue when one’s office feels too cold.  For example, a crisp, white cotton/spandex blouse can be worn over a myriad of tops during the summer months. Wear it open with the sleeves rolled up for a more casual look, or you can button it and tie it at the waist for more structured appeal. During the winter months, keep a navy or black blouse ready for the same purpose. Remember, the key to comfort with these blouses is the spandex. It allows one to stretch and bend with ease.

Concluding Thoughts

These up to the minute coverups will go a long way in keeping a plus-sized woman comfortable in a cold office.  Remember, if you feel good at work, and are not distracted by chills and shivers, you will be a better employee – whether you are a boss or not. And with any one of these  coverups, you will not only be warm, you will look fantastic!

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