4 Fantastic Fashion Accessory Finds

by Lori Sciame | April 17th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

boho bracelets (400x400)As a long term writer for Go Shopping Info, I keep my eyes open for the cutest, cleverest, and cheapest fashion accessories. No matter where I am, from Arizona to Florida to Wisconsin, I manage to find some pretty awesome items I know my readers will love.

1.  Boho Wrap Bracelets

Last week, while touring a Midwestern resort town, I spotted a cute version of today’s hot wrap bracelet for the blow out price of $4.00! While I couldn’t buy all of my readers a wrap bracelet, I can share information on where to find your own adorable version for under $25.00.

Follow this link to Etsy. Once there, you’ll see a purple wrap bracelet that features a hand stamped metal square. The bracelet prompts the wearer to “Choose Joy.” (How clever is that?) And because it’s only $12.00 online, I DO think those who purchase this bracelet will be happy!

2.  Statement Key Chains

Another awesome fashion accessory I stumbled upon recently is one many often overlook: the noble key chain. My new key chain features an iconic image from the town I was visiting.  Check out these awesome key chains from zazzle.com. Most of them are available for under $20.00 online.

The best part is that you don’t actually have to travel to an exotic locale to buy a cool key chain.  Just Google the name of the place you want to find with the words “key chains” attached!

3.  Summer Weight Scarves

Scarves continue to be a must have fashion accessory. Imagine my surprise when I spotted several sherbert colored infinity scarves for sale at a tourist T-shirt shop.  These particular scarves were $5.00 a piece, so I bought three.  Here’s a picture of what the trio reminds me of.

Again, I can’t take you to the store where I purchased these beauties, but I can give you a tip where to find your own summer scarves for a steal. For example, here’s a block print scarf from Charming Charlie. It features two vivid shades of blue – colors that remind one of the ocean.

If you don’t like those particular colors, don’t worry, as this website has many styles to choose from. They are available for approximately $10.00 online. Click here to see these amazing scarves.

4.  Useful (and Fun) Umbrella

A final fashion accessory I adore these days: a flirty umbrella.  Thank goodness I had my favorite floral umbrella with me on a visit to a lake town near my home.  This colorful accessory kept me dry (and out of the wind) while I ran from boutique to boutique. Another bonus was it amped up my overall look.

For only $10 you can purchase a sassy purse umbrella from Charming Charlie. Follow this link to view two polka dot versions, as well as a nautical themed style.

Concluding Thoughts

Needless to say, I’ve hit the accessory jackpot the last few months.  You will be lucky, too, is you take advantage of the four awesome accessories I detailed above. Never fear, I will continue to search out the best deals for you!



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