4 Fantastic Flats for Less

by Lori Sciame | November 11th, 2015 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

flats (400x400)Women’s fall flats have never been hotter…or so much fun!  From plucky plaids, to animal prints, to bold embellishments, flats have moved to the forefront when it comes to showcasing style.  The best part:  flats that look great and that cost under $30 can be found in stores and online.

Get to know this season’s must-have flats by reading this post.  I’ve gathered information on four fantastic takes on this amazingly versatile style of shoe.

The Smoking Loafer

Fall 2015 shoes have taken on a suave demeanor in the smoking loafer.  For instance, Payless Shoesource has an ultra cool version for $29.99 online.  The website describes it as follows: “Take on the smoking slipper trend with this stylish one from designer Christian Siriano. It features a faux suede upper with chain link embellishments, jersey lining, padded insole, and a durable outsole.”Check it out by clicking here.

Flats with Bows

Want a dressier flat?  One that looks sophisticated but one that won’t hurt your feet?  If yes, choose a flat with a structured bow on top of the toe.  For instance, the Women’s Camila Bow Flat from Payless Shoesource with its ultra fashionable double cross grain bow will certainly turn heads.  And for under $30 online, this dressy shoe won’t break your budget.

Amped Up Ballet Flats

Ballet flats, long a wardrobe staple for many women, receive a boost from new plaid patterns this fall. Target certainly caught my attention with its commercials devoted to everything plaid, and they didn’t forget to include women’s shoes in the plaid overhaul.  Designer Adam Lippes unveiled the pointed toe ballet flat in daring black and white plaid.  “These sophisticated slip-ons add a chic, modern-art air to any ensemble with a windowpane plaid print featuring fresh white lines that gently bleed into a rich black backdrop.”  Follow this link to view these chic shoes which sell for under $30 online.

Besides plaid, Target also sells flats featuring a mesmerizing leopard print. These tan and chocolate beauties will definitely bring out your wild side – for under $25.00 online. View them here.

Two Piece Flats

Now you see them, now you don’t.  At least that is what it seems like with the popular two piece flats.  Imagine the toes covered and the heel covered, but the middle of the foot uncovered on each side.  Pretty daring, I would say!   Target’s Bernice Taper Toe Two Piece Flats literally shine at $22.99 online.  According to the website, “…these Flats have upper material that’s made from 100% vegetable fiber and a soft outsole that’s a blend of polyester/thermoplastic rubber so they’re flexible and sturdy.” What an awesome combination: sexy and comfortable.  Follow this link to view this peek a boo style.

Flats Rule in Fall 2015

Some may argue that high style only comes when one dons high heels; however, I don’t think a woman needs to hurt her legs or feet for the sake of looking fashionable.  Fashion designers have amped up the look of flats considerably, so they look equally impressive on a woman’s foot.  Take advantage of them this season.

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