4 Fantastic Tips: Plus Size Office Wear

by Lori Sciame | July 23rd, 2015 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

Plus-Sized-#4At the office, one must present a professional image. After all, we all know that if we dress for success, we will feel more confident, and our supervisors (or subordinates) will view us as more competent.  Read this informative post to learn about dressing for work in a way that will make you stand out – in a good way!

The first tip concerns sizing.  It is imperative to dress in clothing that fits your frame NOW.  I think every woman has worn clothing that is either too big or too small at one time or another; however, if you want to look your best at work, only don clothes that fit correctly.

For instance, if you have lost weight, the temptation may be to wait to purchase new business attire until you have reached your goal.  In the meantime, your dress slacks may sag in the seat, and your tops may dip a bit too low.

While a new wardrobe does cost a lot of money, there are ways to get you through without spending a lot of cash. For instance, consignment shops offer quality dress clothes at reasonable prices, and even stores such as Goodwill sell business suits that seem brand new.

The next tip revolves around being current.  Please, do not get stuck in a clothing rut. If you still wear a dressy blouse from 1997, then it is time to treat yourself to something new.  Remember, if you don’t dress like you are keeping up with the times, then your co-workers may think your skill set lacks what it takes to succeed.

Another tip: avoid wearing accessories that overwhelm you.  While some larger woman think that they can only wear large bracelets and huge statement necklaces, it stands to reason that if one’s accessories stand out too much, then they take away from the aura of professionalism.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore today’s statement jewelry; however, avoid the temptation of wearing a very large necklace with equally large earrings, rings, and bracelets.

A final tip: do develop a signature style.  For instance, I work with a woman who has become known for her vast collection of shoes.  Each pair of flats she wears looks cuter than the last.  Another plus sized woman I know wows her co-workers with her affinity for scarves.  For example, she uses scarves to accent not only her neck, but her hair, and her waist – on different days of course!

By developing your own style, you will show your co-workers, subordinates, and your bosses a bit of your personality.  While it is important to appear business-like, you also want to let others know you are human as well.

As you can see from these four tips, dressing for success at the office is within your reach.  Please, never sell yourself short.  It doesn’t matter if you own the company, if you are a mid-level manager, or a student intern; dress is a manner that indicates you CARE about you and about your work.

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