4 Gorgeous Strappy Sandal Bargain Buys

by Marnie Bii | June 22nd, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

shoes_1Strappy lace up sandals look great while providing an amazing amount of support for all kinds of summertime activities. You can obtain this sandal style with a slight heel or rugged soles. The combination of the thick strap structure and feminine lace up ties really make this footwear stand out. Since you will likely want to grab as many variations of this functional style as possible, it is wise to seek out a great deal when you can. Here are four pairs for under $35 apiece.


Laces running through the crisscrossed straps on these demi wedge sandals from Macy’s bring the look together and provide ample support. These sandals feature an open toe design with straps that extend up past your ankles. At the back of the heel sits an easily accessible zipper enclosure, so you do not need to lace up these sandals with each wear. The faux leather materials come in rich caramel brown tones that look great on everyone. The current price is marked down to $23.73 with free shipping once you bring the order total up to $99.

Go Jane

These Go Jane sandals have it all, from a rugged sole and raised heel to thick straps and thin lace accents. The curved straps run crisscross over the sides and top of your foot to offer immense support over any terrain. The insole features a thick pad to keep your feet comfortable even after hours of standing and walking. The sandals come in a beautiful black on black, silver on silver and white on tan color schemes. Grab a pair today by spending just $24.46 plus shipping. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can sign up for the newsletter and receive free shipping.

Forever 21

The multicolor laces take center stage in this beautiful sandal design from Forever 21. The sandals start with a flat sole with a slightly raised heel. A wide strap sits behind the heel and at the top to keep your foot in place. Two short straps on either side hug the edges of your feet. Striped laces run through holes in the straps to bring everything together. You can continue wrapping the laces all the way past your ankle to mid calf. Tie the tassel adorned laces behind your leg for a beautiful finish. Add these sandals to your collection for a stunning price of $29.99. Shipping is free over $50.

CiCi Hot

CiCi Hot currently offers a sandal featuring a mix of gladiator details and dainty lace up styling. The open toe, exposed heel and thick sole create a balanced appearance that works with any outfit. The fitted straps keep your feet firmly in place to allow you to walk the trails or ride bikes with ease. The central laces run through the strap loops to tie at the front of your ankle. These sandals come in deep brown faux leather. You will pay just $26.99 per pair right now. Use the code JNE45 for 45% off your item. Shipping is free for orders over $50. Spend over $100 to receive a free gift.

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