4 Great Places to Find Accessories Under $25

by Lori Sciame | June 12th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

accessories (400x400)Fashion accessories add a dash of pizazz to any outfit. From a chic belt, to a daring statement necklace, to a romantic ankle bracelet, these added touches will assist a woman with looking her best. Want to join the fashion accessory bandwagon without spending a lot of cash?  Check out the following four great places to find accessories for under $25.

Local Dollar Stores

Don’t cringe.  Dollar stores do carry some cute fashion accessories. The best part is that they cost very little cash. For instance, women over a “certain age” may need readers.  Dollar General carries a wide variety of non-prescription glasses in tons of cute colors and patterns. There is literally a style for every personality.

Another accessory to snap up at a dollar store:  a colorful golf umbrella. Check out this example from Dollar General. Golf umbrellas are handy accessories, as one will help you to stay dry at a farmer’s market, or it will handily  block the sun at the beach.

Chain Craft Stores

Accessories have never been more affordable since craft stores started to carry the supplies needed to make them yourself.  If you are a DIY type person, crafting your own bracelets, necklaces, and earrings will save a lot of money, plus you will feel pride at having completed them yourself.

Michael’s showcases many amazing DIY accessory projects on their website.  They have beads, pendants, charms, crystals and much more.  Follow this link to see what you can make for cheap!  (I’ve even found free video tutorials on their site as well. This one if for a leather bracelet).

Garage and Estate Sales

With summer upon us, garage and estate sales will be popping up in your hometown. Do plan to visit these sales.  They offer a plethora of interesting accessory finds, often for as little as $1 – $5.

I’ve found seed pearl and gold necklaces, silver earrings, scarves, and belts for under $10 each.  All I needed to do was give the items a thorough cleaning, and they looked like new.

Children’s Department

It might sound odd, but I’ve found a variety of accessories in the children’s sections of my local department store.  Here’s one example: while small gold hoop earrings may cost upwards of $15 in the adult jewelry section, in the teen department, the same pair of earrings (in different packaging) usually costs half as much.

Need a stylish black belt, and you’re classified as petite in stature?  Visit the big boy’s section. There you’ll find a few styles that look eerily similar to those found in the women’s section.  The best part is they won’t cost nearly as much.

Think Outside the Box

The key to finding reasonably priced fashion accessories lies in thinking outside the box.  It takes a smart person to realize that accessories abound at dollar stores, at craft stores, at garage and estate sales, and in the children’s department.  If you’re willing to seek, you will find what you are looking for. Happy accessory hunting!

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