4 Places to Buy Cute Bargain Maxi Skirts

by Marnie Bii | August 31st, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

clothing_1The extreme versatility of the maxi skirt makes it a must-have for nearly everyone’s wardrobe. This skirt looks great when paired with a casual t-shirt or structured blouse and jacket. As a result, this skirt works wonderfully for events held in any season. You can wear your maxi skirt outfit to fun parties or formal events of all kinds. Despite the beauty and utility provided by this key piece, you do not have to pay a fortune to own an awesome maxi skirt. Here are four cute skirts on sale right now.


Target currently placed their striped maxi skirt on sale for a limited time. The mix of horizontal and diagonal stripes breaks up the cut of this skirt beautifully. This skirt comes in blue, black and white, and gray and black tones. As a result, this skirt looks great on any body type and height. The wide folded waistband keeps this skirt in place while walking around town or dancing the night away. You can make this skirt yours for just $7.48 plus shipping. Order it online and ship to the store to save on shipping costs.


The zigzag printed skirt from CiChic also beautifully complements any shape and size. The black and white tones bring a deep contrast that further increases the wow factor of this cut. This skirt is made from soft cotton blend materials that hug your curves without feeling too clingy. This extended length skirt elegantly slides across the floor with every step. For just $14.81, this skirt is a true steal. Bring your total up to $50 for free shipping.

New York & Company

New York & Company amped up the charming maxi skirt with a sexy slit cut at the front. While walking, this skirt shows just a little bit of leg, but standing still returns the cut to a simple maxi design. The black and white geometric print quickly catches the eye and act as the focal point of the outfit. As a result, it is wise to pair this piece with a plain shirt and jacket to let the skirt stand out on its own. This key piece is marked down to just $19.98 from $49.95 right now.


Look at Tilly’s to pick up this ultra cute tropical flower print maxi skirt at a bargain right now. The skirt sits low on the hip for a modern look and feel. Two side slits continually evolve the profile of this skirt with every step. The bottom hem hits the ground right in front of the toes and behind the heels of your shoes. Bring this skirt home for just $19.99 plus shipping. Bring your order total above $59 for free shipping.

If you do not want to pay a lot for shipping, add an extra skirt or some outfit accessories to your order. You can also pick up a cute pair of shoes to wear with your maxi skirt. This style works best with sandal or ballet flats that allow the hem of the skirt to gently brush the ground. If the skirt feels much too long for your frame, wear a pair of chunky high heels instead.

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