4 Places to Find Long Necklaces Under $30

by Sam P. | January 13th, 2015 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

long necklaces (400x400)Lately, I love long necklaces; they look great with just about anything.  You can wear them with high collar shirts, swoop necks, V-necks, almost anything.  After Christmas I went on a shopping spree with my gift cards and got way more than my money was worth – Yay sales!  I bought most of mine from Aeropostale, but there are so many other stores with great necklaces for a cheap price.   My favorite two that I have are both long necklaces from Aero.  One is a goldish-copper necklace with faux black gems and metal feathers hanging from it.  The other is a long silver necklace with the Buddha Fatima symbol hanging from it.  The Fatima symbol represents femininity.  After checking online, I did not see these necklaces, but they may still be in store if you are interested.

The first place is Aeropostale.  These necklaces are on sale often, and almost all are under $10, but even when they aren’t on sale the most expensive they get is $20, which is reasonable because the quality of them is great.   There are all different types of necklaces, and other jewelry here.  I personally love long necklaces, but medium length and short necklaces are great too.

Another great place is Forever 21.  They have many gre at necklaces for under $30, including big, chunky statement necklaces.  There are two necklaces on their website for $60 and $99 and I honestly have no idea why they are so expensive.   There does not seem to be anything special about them.  If you are like me and only shop in store, you don’t have to worry about falling in love with them at the store and being disappointed because they are available web only.  Besides those two necklaces, you should not find any necklaces on over $30 online or in store.   The other great thing about Forever 21 is they are constantly having sales so a necklace that is usually $27 you can probably find for $15, if you wait.

I also love Charming Charlie’s.  I can’t promise that everything here is under $30, but they do have a large selection of necklaces that are under $30.  This is the only store that I do prefer to online shop on because in the store, you can fall in love with a necklace and have it be $40, whereas online you can categorize by what price range you are shopping in.

Charlotte Russe is also great.  Their in store selection can be a little picked over at times, but it is worth it because they do not have a single necklace over $20, so you can always get a great deal.  They have large chunky necklaces, chandelier necklaces, chokers, and much more.  This is another store that has sales all the time.

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