4 Places to Find Stylish, Comfortable Scarves

by Marnie Bii | August 4th, 2014 | Bargains of the Week

scarves (399x400)You can make a fashion statement with scarves by looping them around your neck or wearing them over your hair. Furthermore, thin scarves stay cool in the summer, while thick ones keep you warm in the winter. Your scarves can cover messy hair or protect a stunning style from the wind and rain. Scarves come in a wide range of colors and material types, so you can choose a variety that make you swoon. Here are four places where you’ll find awesome scarf sales this season.

Old Navy

Affordability and availability is the name of the game at Old Navy, especially when it comes to scarves. Although most of the scarves are not name brand, they mimic the look and feel of their higher cost counterparts. At normal prices, the scarves range from 15 to 20 dollars apiece. Sale prices bring the totals closer to 10 dollars each. Furthermore, Old Navy offers free shipping if you spend more than $50 on your online order.


Macy’s carries everything from loop scarves to traditional wraps. Designers such as Calvin Klein, Echo, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren all offer their scarf styles at this location. You can find scarves made with silk chiffon and cashmere, including lush pashmina.

All of the scarves have gorgeous embellishments, including fringe, beads, buttons and designer stitching. Many of the scarf styles are priced at 20% below their retail figures. Furthermore, Macy’s will give you an extra 20% off for using the promo code BTS at checkout and free shipping on orders over $99.


JcPenney offers middle ground between Old Navy and Macy’s by providing scarves of every type. No-name scarves mix with designer models to provide you with the greatest selection of styles and price ranges. You can pick up a high-end designer scarf along with several everyday styles in the same order.

Scarves on sale here even drop to the $10 range, though most sit near $20 apiece. If you order online, you can pick up an extra 15% off accessories when you enter the promo code FUNDEAL. JcPenney always offers free shipping on orders totaling more than $99 without a code.

Scarves Dot Net

Sometimes it’s best to go to specialty suppliers to find the scarves you need. Scarves Dot Net gives you a wide range of styles and prices to choose between. The search categorization helps you select scarves for any event, season or trend.

You can break up the search results according to length, color and fabric type as well. All of the scarves available here ship for free when your order reaches more than $40 total. The current sale gives you more than 15% off the site’s normally low prices as well.

Shop Around

Visit all of the shops on this list to find your favorite scarves. Mix and match styles to be prepared for any event and weather situation throughout the year. Building a scarf collection will help you accentuate nearly any outfit with ease. Enjoy!

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