4 Quick and Easy Face Remedies

by Sam P. | October 9th, 2014 | DIY

facial treatments DIYI love making at home face scrubs and washes because they are far less inexpensive compared to the high end ones you buy at the store, plus you know exactly what is in them and they aren’t filled with chemicals that you can have bad reactions to.

To start, I made one for dry, flaky skin.  Simply mix two parts honey to one part brown sugar and mix.  If you are only making one “serving”, you only need about one teaspoon to half a teaspoon.  If you are having a girls night, up the amount per servings needed.  Dampen your face with warm water and scrub away.  If you want, you can leave the scrub on for a few minutes after scrubbing to really allow the honey to moisten your skin.  Give it another quick scrub and then wash well after.  If you feel slightly sticky after from the honey you can wash your face with mild face soap.  Or one you make yourself.

If you have oily skin, divide an egg.  Whip the egg white until it is white and frothy, it may be faster to use a hand beater or stand mixer.  Use either your hands or a pastry brush to brush the white onto your face.  Leave on for about five minutes, or until it hardens and tightens, and then rinse off.  If you like you can follow with an egg yolk.  First, dry off your face and give it a quick whisk to break up the yolk and then brush it on your face.  Rinse off after a few minutes.

For skin with red patches on it, mix one egg yolk with a teaspoon to half a tablespoon of lemon juice.  If you have a larger yolk, use half a tablespoon, smaller yolk only a teaspoon.  You want the mixture to be thinner than an egg yolk, by not completely liquid.  Brush it onto your face and then rinse it off after a few minutes.

Lastly, I made a lip scrub.  Simply mix petroleum jelly with raw sugar, or if you don’t have raw sugar granulated sugar works fine.  I mix about a tablespoon with one to one and a half teaspoons of sugar.  This makes enough for several uses.  If you have very chapped lips, you can add more sugar as you feel necessary, but I would suggest not using more than two or two and a half teaspoons of sugar and you do not want to be too rough on your lips.  Simply gather some on your finger and rub it onto your lips, scrub gently with your finger or rub your lips together for about thirty seconds.  Wipe it off, or rinse it off if you like.  Follow up with plain petroleum jelly or Chapstick to keep your lips moisturized.

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