4 Rules for Wearing Jeans to Work

by Cricket Webber | November 18th, 2015 | Casual Wear, Women's Fashion

jeans (400x400)If you’re one of the lucky souls who can wear jeans to work regularly, your first thought was probably, “Yay!!” And then you realized that the jeans that you have in your wardrobe don’t quite cut it when it comes to looking and feeling your best at the office. If you’re in that position, here are some rules of thumb when it comes to keeping your jeans looking professional at work.

Darker Is Better

You’ve probably heard this rule before, but it’s true. The darker your jeans are, the more professional you’ll look in them. The darker wash looks less like the jeans you’d wear to paint your living room, so that automatically gives you a leg up. Black jeans give you the same effect, so if you’re having trouble finding a dark blue that you like, keep that in mind.

Avoid Distressed Jeans

They’re definitely all the rage, but if you’re in an office environment, you really can’t be flashing your knees or any other part of your body that should be covered by your jeans. So avoid any jeans that you buy that might be pre-distressed. And once the inevitable happens and you get a rip somewhere? Those jeans get retired from getting to go to work with you. While you can patch them, they’ll never really look the same.

Look for Thicker Denim

Have you ever noticed that thicker denim just feels a little bit dressier? It’s true. The thicker the denim, the more you can get away with wearing them in a more professional setting. You want the fabric to move with you, of course, but super thin denim won’t last long at all and it just looks cheap. Save yourself the time and effort and make sure that you hold out for the good denim.

Check the Fit

You should always try on any jeans before you buy them, no matter what the purpose is. Denim stretches a good bit, even if it doesn’t have a lot of Spandex or Lycra in the mix. For that reason, make sure that the jeans fit without being either too tight or too baggy. You want to make sure that you can move well in them but that they fit you properly. That’s a good rule of thumb for any pair of jeans, but definitely for jeans that you plan to wear to work.

If you can only wear jeans on casual Fridays, you should still be able to use these tips. Go forth and keep your jeans professional.

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