4 Styles to Try for New Year’s Eve

by Cricket Webber | December 23rd, 2015 | Women's Fashion

woman party dress (400x400)New Year’s Eve can be a surprising source of stress for some. The tension of not knowing what to wear can be paralyzing, particularly if you’ve got a date you want to impress. The chances are that you’re overthinking the whole thing, so it helps to narrow down the type of feel you want to have for the evening and then you can choose pieces that complement that feeling.

Glammed Out

New Year’s Eve is definitely an evening about which most of us think about glamming up. Cocktail dresses, heels, and the cutest clutch ever are de rigeur for a seriously high class evening out. While you can stick with that formula, look for something that differentiates your outfit from the rest of the glamorous gals you’re also out with. Whether you make your statement piece a pair of stunning, sparkling shoes or a beaded mini-dress, make sure that it’s unique and that it stands out from the pack.


Another way to go is the casual route. You’re headed out, but you aren’t looking to light up the paparazzi. In this case, start with your base piece. How casual are you going? Jeans and a T-shirt? Or just tailored trousers and a cute blouse? Once you know the level of casual you’re aiming for, decide how you want to accentuate the base piece. Maybe you want to juxtapose your favorite skinny jeans with a pair of rhinestone stilettos and a sequined tank top. There’s no right or wrong answer, honestly, it all boils down to what you’re comfortable with.

Outside the Box

If you’re willing to step outside of the box altogether, you can have a lot of fun with your New Year’s Eve outfit. Think gold lamé shorts with a sheer tank and black bra. Or sequined short shorts with a tailored top. You’re not showing any more skin than you would with a cocktail dress, but you aren’t likely to see many other folks at the party in the same type of outfit. Maybe for you a maxi dress is out of character. Whatever it is, try going for something that is different than your usual.

Beyond Casual

It would be remiss to ignore the folks who are staying in for New Year’s Eve. This doesn’t have to mean that you don your yoga pants and your ratty old T-shirt, you know. Go with a silky traditional pajama set or look for a cute onesie. Just because no one else is going to see you doesn’t mean that you can’t watch the ball drop from the comfort of your living room dolled up as a unicorn or a koala, after all.

No matter what your plans are for New Year’s Eve, you’re going to look great, so just relax and have fun putting together your outfit.

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