4 Trends for This Year’s Holiday Wardrobe

by Cricket Webber | December 10th, 2015 | Evening Wear, Plus-Size Fashion

plus size woman red dress (400x400)Sometimes your closet just doesn’t have what you need to feel your best for that holiday party. But if you haven’t updated your holiday wardrobe in a while, it’s tough to know what the latest trends are. This year the trends are varied enough that there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few of the options that can take your holiday wardrobe from tired and last year to super stylish. The good news is that adding just one of this year’s trends is all you need to update your whole look.

Leather Details

While all-leather dresses or a leather skirt are great for holiday gatherings, the really hot option with leather this season is leather detailing. This can be patches or trim around the collars or cuffs. If you’re not into the real leather thing, you’re not left out of this trend. Faux leather has come a long, long way and it looks great on clothing. It’s also less temperamental than real leather can be, so it’s easier to maintain.

Cozy Fabrics

Whether you’re looking for a sweater dress or just a wrap for your holiday outfit, you can’t go wrong with cozy fabrics. It’s cool to be comfy again, and you’ve got a lot of choices. Look for pieces that layer easily. This usually means thin knits with a silky hand. But you can also go with wool, silk, or any other fabrics that feel great. Comfort is big right now, so you can have your pick.


Holiday sparkle is always huge. And this year you’ve got plenty of ways to get that sparkle. Metallic fabrics make a beautiful statement, and they’re not your grandma’s lamé. They’re made from newer materials that flow and look fantastic rather than fake. But shimmery fabrics are just the beginning. Sequins, glitter, and beads are always winners. Go with as much or as little sparkle as you want. It’s the holidays and nothing should shine brighter than you.


Above all, this season is all about variety. If you’re looking for a jumpsuit, it’s yours for the taking. Knee-length? Off the shoulder? Ball gown? Unlike previous years when the in style items are something you’d never wear, whatever your heart desires is out there waiting for you to just reach out and pick it up. Take a chance and try on lots of different styles.

This year’s holiday season is going to be your best dressed ever.

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