5 Accessories to Buy Now

by Lori Sciame | August 7th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

sunglasses rack (400x400)A few days ago, the yearly back to school ads began in earnest. This can only mean one thing: summer clearance has hit the shelves.  Buy now to save lots of money on your favorite warm weather accessories, many of which can be used well into fall – and even longer.

Sassy Sunglasses

First, snap up a few extra pairs of sunglasses.  A women’s need for eye protection does not end when the season turns to fall.  In fact, those that live in northern climates can attest to the fact that snow can be blinding on sunny days.

Check out Kohl’s for deep discounts on all the latest styles, including round, rectangle, and aviator.  Most pairs cost less than $12.00.  Follow this link to view one of today’s hottest fashion accessories, and to save plenty of money.

Scintillating Scarves

The next fashion accessory to buy now: scarves.  This fashion accessory is every woman’s best friend. Depending on the length, they can be used to decorate the neckline, to dress up an up do, and to cinch the waist.  Some scarves come in colors that scream summer, yet other hues can be worn in fall and winter.

Check out these scarves from ShopKo.  Most styles are priced under $10.  I simple adore the two-toned ombre scarf. It’s a “peach” of an accessory.

Patriotic Hair Ties and More

If you love America, plan to purchase your red, white, and blue themed accessories now.  Many women love to show their pride in the USA by donning patriotic items on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. If you are such a woman, buy next year’s supply now.  For instance, patriotic hair ties are selling for under $2.00 on Etsy.  Click here to snap up these cuties. Another source of red, white, and blue accessories is your local department store.

Uber Cool Umbrellas

The fourth accessory to purchase now is the umbrella.  This handy item not only blocks the summer sun, it can be a great asset when chilly fall winds begin to blow. Totes currently has an awesome selection of umbrellas at rock bottom prices.  For under $17.00, you can own a basic black version, one that goes with every outfit you own.  See it here.

Beautiful Beach Towels

A final accessory to purchase this time of year can double as awesome holiday gifts. Let me explain.  I simply adore beach towels. The speak to the owner’s personality, and they truly do come in handy when going swimming.  In essence, a stylish woman can never have too many fun and colorful towels to accentuate her swimwear.

In addition, beach towels make awesome holiday gifts for children.  They can use them as their personal bath towel, as a play mat, and even as a super hero cape!

Final Thoughts

These five fantastic summer accessories – sunglasses, scarves, patriotic hair ties, umbrellas, beach towels – are even better now that they are on sale.  You can find them online, at your local department store, and at gift shops.

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