5 Affordable Suit Jacket Alternatives

by Jessica B. | July 29th, 2015 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

woman office presentation (400x399)If your office has a more relaxed office policy, there are many options for an alternative to a blazer. Wearing a jacket to work can be useful for meetings and occasions where you have to meet with clients. It is also comfortable when the air conditioning is on a bit too high. Here are a few new exciting jackets perfect for Autumn 2015.

Short Coat from H&M – This beautiful short coat is affordable, professional and looks like you walked out of a designer shop. Even better, you can pair this jacket with a professional, tailored skirt, or throw it on over a dress and hit the clubs. The jacket comes in black and white, and while I prefer the white, I may end up buying one of each.

Frayed Short Blazer from Zara – This adorable jacket is now marked down to make it easily affordable. It only comes in yellow, but the color is muted and pairs well with most traditional office colors. The fit of this jacket is very flattering. The blazer has no buttons, so you won’t be able to cinch it, but the lapel should do the job.

Buttoned Wrap Cocoon Jacket – While this jacket is a bit on the high-end for Forever 21, it is still affordable. It has a zipper closure, that creates a nice draping outline, or you can let the jacket hang open. This jacket could also work as a regular outdoor jacket, but I love it as an office piece.

Kimono from H&M – If you have a more relaxed workplace, consider pairing your work clothes with a beautifully colored kimono. These make a nice cover up, but can appear a bit more informal. These kimonos do not cinch at the waist. If you are looking for something a bit more form fitting, you can look for a kimono with a sash in the middle. I prefer the black kimono for an office look, but if you are feeling a bit daring, try the bright pink one.

Flowing Striped Jacket from Zara – This cute little jacket has a more conservative look, but walks the line between jacket and sweater. It has buttons that make this easy to close if necessary, but does not have a cinched waist. The horizontal stripes may not flatter every figure, but if you are looking for an office alternative, this is it.

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