5 Amazing Multi-Layered Necklaces For Under $26

by Marnie Bii | April 27th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

necklaces (400x400)From clothing to jewelry, easygoing and charming boho styles are coming back full swing for the summer season. You can get a jump on readying your wardrobe for this fashion change by picking up some fun, versatile accessories. One item you will need to use as an adornment for every outfit is a multi-layered necklace. A two to three tier necklace makes an excellent focal point for casual jeans or a trendy floor length skirt. Here are five places to pick up tiered necklaces for under $26 each.

Urban Outfitters

Three separate chain styles make this necklace from Urban Outfitters stand out as a must-have accessory. The longest box chain grips either side of a hammered circle medallion to allow it to rest gently against your chest. The middle chain features rows of twists and knots that also flank either side of an open circle pendant. The shortest chain has a tight knit serpentine design well suited to support the central arrowhead pendant. Pick up this piece for just $24 right now.

The Schwartz Collection

The triple chain necklace from The Schwartz Collection creates a unique look by using three different pendant types. All three gold chains share the same open link design, which makes the pendants stand out on their own. The bottom most pendant is a hammered gold circle that hangs from a central clasp. The middle adornment features a row of white stones held in place by two gold balls on either side. The top pendant is a simple upside down triangle hanging by the two upper corners. You can have this necklace in your collection for $24.99.


JCPenney offers a super playful double chain necklace featuring iconic owls, gems and inspirational words in all silver tones. The chains do not vary much in length, which gives this necklace a cozy look and feel. The longest chain features an open box design that allows for precise placement of the owl and gem pendants. The thin inner chain has tighter looped design that supports two gems on either side of a small round pendant inscribed with the word, “Laugh.” Take this necklace as your own for just $13.20.


Overstock also carries a fun double-layered style necklace in silver. Instead of joining multiple strands at the clasp like the other styles, this necklace incorporates two necklaces into one at shoulder level. Both chains share the same design to ensure they blend together beautifully at that junction. The lower chain has a small cross and the upper features a heart. Grab this piece for only $16.57.


Belk mixes things up by contrasting two separate pendant attachment styles in one necklace. Two of the gold strands end at a point at the pendant clasp while the other sits at a soft rounded angle. The use of a inverted blue pyramid bead at the lowest point creates a beautiful focal point. The middle strand supports a blue globe bead and the shortest chain just has a simple gold bar. Purchase this necklace for the low price of $25.20 right now.

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