5 Awesome Pairs Of Thermal Tights for Under $13

by Marnie Bii | November 2nd, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

shopping_bags_1To keep cold temperatures at bay, you can don a pair of warm thermal tights beneath your skirts, dresses and pants. The thermal construction often features a thin layer of fleece or nylon that traps body heat while repelling cold winds. The tights even have a light waterproof exterior that withstands a few moments of rainfall as you walk to your next destination. Here are five places to obtain these tights for under $13 each.

Forever 21

The knit tights from Forever 21 keep your legs and feet warm while dressing up your outfit. The thin tights come in black, burgundy and charcoal tones to match any of your outfits. These tights extend down over the foot without feeling loose in the ankle. The reinforced top keeps the waistband from rolling throughout the day. You will pay just $7.90 for each pair.


Sears currently has their footless thermal tights on sale for the first time this season. The tights feature a fitted waist that provides a snug fit down to the ankles. The footless construction allows you to go barefoot in ballet flats or wear thick socks with boots. The thin fleece layer will keep you warm without feeling bulky. The regular $10 price is marked down 45% to just $5.50 right now.


The fleece tights from Walmart have spandex woven through the fibers for the perfect amount of stretch. The long legging length hits right at the ankle for a perfect fit on all body types. Although these tights are incredibly warm, they are thin enough to accommodate plenty of additional layers. The colors and patterns available include black, gray, navy, black dot, leopard and stripe. Grab a pair for just $9.96 while you can.


Kmart offers a perfectly fitting pair of footless thermal leggings on sale right now. The leggings feature a reinforced waist to keep the top from sliding down throughout the day. The material tightly hugs your legs down to the ankles due to the stretchy material construction. You can grab a pair for your wardrobe in either blue or black tones. These tights are only $8.99 on sale.


At Silverhooks, the tights have a brushed fleece interior that feels exquisite against your skin. The spandex and nylon materials provide an immense amount of stretch and cut down on the bulk. The result is an incredible well fitting, smooth, thin and warm pair of tights. Color options include gray, navy, purple, black and brown. Each pair sits at the awesome price of $10.99.

Since all of the legging options seem to fit a bit different from pair to pair, you should try on your finds once you receive them. Most of the retailers offer free returns for refunds or exchanges. Once you find the perfect pair, buy as many as you can afford to make the collection last through the winter. Although these tights contain a fleece lining, rips and tears can still happen with regular wear.

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