5 Beautiful Bargain Wrap Skirts

by Marnie Bii | November 16th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

clothing_2Wrap skirts are a versatile fall accessory you can wear to work, formal events and casual outings. The wrap skirt style looks good on any body type due to its asymmetrical, tapered cut. You can find these skirts in a wide variety of material types, patterns and colors. Although these skirts are often produced by top designers, you do not have to pay a fortune to have a few key cuts in your wardrobe rotation. Here are five bargain wrap skirts to pick up today.

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe took this wrap skirt to the next level by utilizing faux suede materials. The knee-length cut overlaps at an angle, running from the hip to the center at the front. At the waist, the overlapped section attaches to the other side with a cute buckle. The brown material looks and feels incredibly soft and supple. This adorable wrap skirt features hidden stitching along the seams for a truly smooth appearance. You will only pay $10 for this skirt with free shipping when your order total surpasses $50.

New York & Company

At New York & Company, you can pick up a gorgeous wrap dress with horizontal stripes in a grayscale color scheme. The wrap starts high at the waistline and extends down past the knees. The angled cut makes the horizontal lines appear slightly offset to break up the skirt’s lines. This skirt hugs the hips and lightly flares out at the bottom seam. This skirt only costs $20 at this time.


This skirt from H&M features an overextended wrapped section that creates an asymmetrical, tulip-like cut. The folded seams soften the styling and make the soft, flowing jersey materials look thicker than they are. The folded edge ends at a point just below the knee. The opposite edge cuts straight across the center of the knee. You can grab this skirt in solid black or abstract black, gray and white tones for just $24.99.

The Limited

The Limited currently offers an ultra soft and stylish wrap skirt at a bargain price. This skirt features a tight wrap that extends all the way around the hip to connect at the back of the waistline. The lightweight knit materials never feel uncomfortable or impede movement in any way. The back of the skirt sits straight across the back of the knee. The front features an open triangular section and two angled ends below each knee. Pick up this skirt in black or gray for just $24.97 right now.


The ultra stylish wrap skirt at Macy’s features a smooth, folded hem for a polished appearance. This skirt has a fitted cut that hugs your waist and hips while flowing slightly outward toward the knees. The hemline ends a few inches above the knees for a modern look and feel. The wrapped section gently extends around the hip and stops just a bit short to leave the bottom section slightly open. You can purchase this skirt in charcoal or black for only $34.50.

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