5 Beautiful Evening Wear Pieces From H&M

by Jessica B. | April 15th, 2015 | Evening Wear, Women's Fashion

woman evening wear (400x400)Beautiful evening wear pieces from H&M? Does that sound like a contradiction in terms? It shouldn’t be. This affordable clothing store can be a great resource for finding some of the hottest fashion trends from Europe for seriously affordable prices. Here are a few looks currently available fro H&M that won’t break the bank but will keep you looking like you stumbled off of the fashion pages.

1) Long lace skirt – This sexy long skirt can be paired up with a simple black blouse. I love this look because it shows a bit of skin, but still manages to be discreet as the under skirt is rather long. While this skirt would not fit in well in a work environment, it is great for a night out at a club, a fancy dinner, or a party.

2) Patterned Jersey Dress  – I love this patterned dress because it looks classy, but is still a fun dress that adds a bit of fun and flair. You can wear this dress for a night out at the club or for a dinner date. The best part is the price tag; this dress won’t set you back more than $40, which considering the versatility of this outfit, is pretty affordable.

3) Lace Jumpsuit  – If you are willing to take a risk, this lace jumpsuit is a beautiful piece of evening wear that can be made an exceeding tasteful and classic piece. Couple it with a blazer and you may even get away with wearing this stylish outfit to the office. You need to plan accordingly as the top of this jumpsuit is a bit see through, so be sure to pair this with a nice black tank top and you will manage to keep this look tasteful and fun.

4) Sleeveless lace dress – This adorable little red lace dress is a great addition to your wardrobe. This inexpensive little dress is fashionable enough to be worn to a wedding or upscale event but still costs under $40, so your friends will never guess. You can even pair it with a blazer or cute jacket and wear it to the office.

5) Embroidered Chiffon Dress – None of your friends will ever guess that this cute little number came from H&M unless they’ve been spending a lot of time shopping there themselves! I love this dress because the fit is so flattering and because it looks quite upscale despite its reasonable price tag. This is a nice item to wear to a fancy restaurant or a family party. But you can also get away with wearing it out to the club.

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