5 Beautiful Metallic Clutches on Sale

by Marnie Bii | December 7th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

shopping_bags_2As you head out to your holiday parties this year, make sure you do not feel bogged down by trading your large handbag for a cute clutch. A metallic clutch will hold all of your most important belongings while acting as a perfect accessory for your adorable holiday outfit. Despite the beauty and versatility of the metallic clutch design, you do not have to pay a fortune to have one, or several, in your purse collection. Here are five you can take home at a bargain today.


You will love the beautiful flower design on this pewter clutch from Macy’s. The clutch features a polyester lining and tight top clasp that will keep your belongings safe inside all day and night long. A single slip pocket allows you to store your valuables without worry about dropping them while accessing other items inside. You can carry this clutch by the chain or in the palm of your hand. You can pick up this item on sale right now for just $21.99.


The tan envelope clutch from ASOS utilizes a unique design for an additional touch of class wherever you go. The front envelope flap features a gorgeous gold toned metal edge that gives this clutch a sharp appearance. The flap shuts tight with a button clasp, so you can rest assured your items sit safe inside as you move around. The clutch comes with a chain strap and inner pocket. You can take this clutch home for only $29.00.

Burlington Coat Factory

At Burlington Coat Factory, you can find this gorgeous metallic glitter clutch in gold, silver and black tones. The clutch shimmers in the light due to the shiny metal flake coating. The inside features a small storage pocket and protective liner to keep your items cushioned at all times. You can use the chain strap to hold this clutch or remove it for a seamless appearance. Make this clutch yours today for only $12.99.

Guess Factory

This bright metal clutch from Guess Factory will always take your holiday attire to the next level. This clutch features a gold, silver or black mesh body supported by a solid metal frame. Inside, you will find a soft lining adorned with a protective pocket. The frame snaps closed with a small push button that stays put without worry. You can carry this bag by its cute chain strap or tuck it under your arm as you go. Take this clutch home today for only $22.50.

Sammy Dress

The geometric design and bright metallic tones used on this clutch from Sammy Dress will instantly catch everyone’s eye. The clutch comes in black, gold and silver tones with a chain strap to match. At the top of the clutch is a super cute gem shaped clasp that keeps your belongings tightly enclosed in the soft inner pocket. The hard outer exterior makes it easy to carry this clutch in your hand or under your arm without worrying about crushing the items inside. You can add this clutch to your accessory pile for just $15.66 today.

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