5 Comfy Canvas Shoes

by Jessica B. | February 25th, 2015 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

sneakers (400x400)When I’m just lounging about or running errands on my off days, I love a cute and comfortable pair of canvas shoes. Here are a few great types of comfortable, trendy and practical shoes that will get you where you want to go and keep you looking great. You may have had these shoes back in your school days, don’t let that stop you now.

Keds – These classic tennis shoes have evolved a lot over the years, but the basic white sneakers still look about the same. Today they will run you about $45.00 for the originals. Throw them in the laundry if you have trouble keeping them clean.

Vans – These were the shoes the skaters wore back when I was in high school. They are super comfortable and easy to get on. I love my Vans because they are easy to kick on and off when I come in the door, which is helpful when I have my hands full of things and I don’t want to track street grime through the house.

Converse Chucks – These classic shoes have always been my favorite. I even have a few pairs I bought when they discontinued making them in the U.S. they were no longer available, so I purchased several pairs. These days you can find a newer version, that are still comfy and great. For under $50 you can find a plain pair of canvas shoes. If you have a larger budget, you can design your own shoe.

Airwalks – Looking for a quick and cheap version of canvas shoes, this line from Payless has several different options for women, all $50 dollars. Many of the Airwalk shoes are copies of some of the brands listed above, with some minor differences. So if you are looking for a cheaper version, check out Payless.

Levi’s Zip Women’s Canvas Sneakers – While they are usually known for their jeans, Levi’s line of basic canvas shoes for men and women are cute and comfortable. I love these little shoes with laces in purple. With a price tag of  $15, they are well worth the money. Levi’s makes a wide variety of comfy canvas shoes so check out their line before settling on the pair you feel most comfortable in.

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