5 Dreamy Accessories: Under $25

by Lori Sciame | September 4th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

girl with chiffon scarf (400x400)Fashion accessories can say a lot about a woman’s personality. For instance, bold women many times embrace trendy statement pieces, while very traditional women tend to prefer timeless items. Still other women like accessories that reflect their imaginative, almost dreamy, personalities.  For these whimsical women, I’ve gathered information on five must-have accessories for under $25 each – a dream come true!

Dream Catcher Jewelry

On a recent trip to Sedona, Arizona (a mystical hot spot) I found beautiful silver necklaces and bracelets that featured mini dream catchers.  While the ones at this vacation hot spot were a bit pricey, I’ve found similar jewelry online for a fraction of the cost. Check out the Little Dream of Me silver tone dream catcher bracelet from LuLu’s. For only $12 you can own a mystic symbol, one that equates with having good dreams.

Chiffon Scarves

Imagine the cool, soft comfort of a chiffon scarf.  Wouldn’t this delicate accessory feel delicious around your neck? Certainly chiffon scarves qualify as a truly dreamy accessory; not only do they look absolutely beautiful when draped around the neck, you can use them to accent a low pony tail as well. Follow this link to view an example of a chiffon scarf that features an Asian feel print.  The best part?  This scarf is only $3.55 online.

Floral Headbands

Women often dress in elaborate costumes at Renaissance Faires . One particular popular costume, the fairy, gives off a dreamy vibe, as the outfit comes complete with wings and floral head pieces.  You may not wish to accessorize like you are headed to the Faire, but if you enjoy dreamy accessory pieces, then a floral headband is in order.  Follow this link to view a black and white ombre glitter daisy headband from Claire’s.  It cost a mere $5.50 online.

Frilly Socks

Add a touch of sweetness to your feet by donning a pair of frilly anklet socks.  Whether you wear them alone with summer flats or as just one layer with winter loafers, frilly socks add that little something extra.  The website sockdreams.com sells daisy dot ruffle anklets for $6.00 a pair online. Why stop with one dreamy pair?  This forward thinking company has dozens of different types of socks – enough to satisfy any woman’s whimsical sock craving!

Kimono Jackets

A new trend plays upon the traditional Japanese kimono.  Young and old women alike have been seen in kimono inspired jackets this past spring and summer.  Now that fall is just around the corner, a kimono jacket might be what you need to ward off the chilly night air.  Instead of a clunky sweater or chunky hooded sweatshirt, you will look absolutely dreamy in this Asian inspired accessory.  Click here to view several examples of awesome – and reasonably priced – jacket kimonos.

It All Adds Up

I will admit it. I am a dreamer, and my accessories reflect my “head in the clouds” personality. For only a little cash, you can project your dreamer personality as well.  From dream catcher necklaces to frilly anklets, accessories for the whimsical woman abound.

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