5 Essential Basics for Your Wardrobe

by Cricket Webber | September 23rd, 2015 | Essentials, Women's Fashion

woman is basic jeans (400x400)Like a building, your wardrobe needs a strong foundation that you can build on. You can add all kinds of accessories to the essentials below that change each piece to look like you have a wardrobe full of tons of different clothes. The beauty of these five pieces is that they can all fit in one bag, which is great if you travel a lot.

One Pair of Perfect Jeans

You’ve looked for that one perfect pair of jeans all of your life. Every woman has. But when you find that one perfect pair, you know it. The best jeans have a little bit of stretch, usually from a small percentage of Lycra in the blend, and they look fantastic on you. Honestly, once you find the perfect pair, you’d be smart to pick up at least one extra pair. Just in case.

A Thin Crewneck Sweater

With a thin crewneck sweater, you can layer it under blazers and jackets or wear it on its own. Layering it lets you stretch it through at least three seasons rather than just one. Choose a classic line in a color that you love. You’ll be able to dress this up or down as you need, and it’s comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

At Least One Neutral Tank

Tanks are perfect in warm weather, but they’re invaluable for layering. Choose one with a modest neckline and armholes so that when you wear it alone, you don’t feel uncomfortable. White is a good choice because it’ll go with anything, but it can look a little bit like you’re on the way to the gym. Instead, go with black or another color that can go with most items in your wardrobe. Then you can layer it under your sweater, a blazer, or anything else.

One Pair of Flattering Casual Pants

Since you can’t always get away with wearing jeans, you occasionally need a flattering pair of casual pants. The best part is that these are usually easy to dress up or down, depending on the event. Khakis are a good choice, but you can also go with a pair of plain black pants. A lot depends on your lifestyle and whether you find khakis comfortable. Avoid pleats and creases, since those don’t work for a lot of people. Stick with a plain, flat front for the most flattering look.

A White T-shirt

You always need a white T-shirt. You can go with both a long- and short-sleeved version to really cover your bases, but that’s up to you. The biggest tip no matter which style you go with is that your go to T-shirt should be one that’s slightly fitted so it hugs your figure. If you get one that is too floaty, you’ll look like you’re swimming in it.

From here you can always build onto your wardrobe, but these five essentials get you started properly.

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