5 Fashion Forward Accessories

by Lori Sciame | December 26th, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

cuff bracelet (400x400)There’s no time like the present to snag a few up to the minute fashion accessories.  From sexy leggings to ingenious arm bracelets to sassy pony tail holders, today’s accessories can be counted on for one thing: making you look hot!  There’s no need to spend your valuable time searching the Internet for trendy, yet reasonably priced accessories. I’ve gathered information on five must haves to present in this post.

Shocking Leggings

Distressed silver metallic panel leggings will certainly add a dash of spice to any outfit.   Check out this scorching hot style of leggings here.  For a mere $20, you can own one of today’s most popular items – with a rocker twist.  While the back panels of these leggings are a plain black, once you turn around, you will knock people’s socks off!

Flirty Footed Tights

While you’re thoughts are focused on the legs, consider adding a new, more flashy pair of tights to your accessory arsenal.  Icing features a bronze pair of footed tights with a damask design.  Pair these tights with a little black dress for a fabulous holiday party  look.  Follow this link to see these beauties, which sell for $14.00 online.

Absolutely Amazing Arm Bracelets

Moving on to another part of the body – the arms – one would be hard pressed to find a better accessory than body jewelry.  Take, for instance, an interesting arm cuff bracelet, which retails for a mere $6.50 on the Icing website.  Imagine this thin gold toned snake coiling its way around your beautiful bicep.  Simply stunning!  Check out this must have accessory here.

Totally Torrid Toe Rings

With the arm so beautifully adorned, the toes might become jealous.  Treat them special as well with a delightful toe ring (or two).  Icing showcases a turquoise and silver toned version on its web page.  While somewhat delicate, it still packs enough style punch to get noticed.  View it here. The best part?  It’s available for under $10.00 online.

Perfectly Partyriffic Pony Tail Holders

The last fabulous accessory that you might want to snap up, a black band and crystal burst ponytail holder.  This amazing holder sparkles and shines, so it would be the perfect finishing touch to a holiday hairdo.  Try it as a perfect accent to a sleek pony situated at the nape of the neck. See this item, available for $9.50, here.

These accessories won’t change your life; however, they will make it a bit more fun.  Plus you will look HOT.  Remember, up to the minute accessories have a way of making you appear fashion forward, someone who

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