5 Gorgeous Batwing Tops to Purchase at a Bargain

by Marnie Bii | May 4th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

clothing_4If you do not love form-fitting sleeves, you may enjoy the batwing style that dramatically breaks up your silhouette. The batwing sleeves attach further down on the torso section of the shirt to create a cape-like display. The sleeves feel very free flowing and elegant when paired with fitted bottoms. The shirts look great with jeans, slacks and tight skirts. Despite the sophisticated appearance, you do not need to spend a fortune to pick up this style of shirt. Here are five placed to grab your favorite one for under $30 total.

Century 21

The slit on the batwing sleeve dramatically balances this exaggerated shirt style from Century 21. The shirt features a wide scoop neck that shows off your gorgeous collarbones without revealing too much skin. The torso portion of the shirt clings beautifully to your waistline and ends just above the hips. The flowing rayon fabric comes in a bright, solid fuchsia color scheme that looks good against any skin tone. You will save more than 50% by ordering this shirt for just $19.99 right now. If you bump your order total up to $50, your items ship free.


QVC also carries a batwing shirt that features sleeve cutouts to balance the showy cut. This shirt comes in two pieces, a soft cami and sheer overshirt. The cami features spaghetti straps and a body-hugging cut. The sheer outer piece offers a flowing profile that complements the fitted look of the cami. Dotted lace covers the entire upper portion of the batwing sleeves for a peek of skin. The polyester pieces come in deep black and slate blue tones. Each shirt is marked down from $64.50 to $28.34 plus shipping.

Yes Style

If you crave a super casual, fun style batwing shirt, pick up this cat print top from YesStyle. An adorable smiling cat with a tiny bowtie adorns this fitted shirt. The brown tones keep this shirt from looking too young or gaudy. The batwing sleeves end just at the elbow for an understated look. The shirt uses 100% cotton materials for easy wear and care. Save right now by buying this shirt for $19.85 with free shipping.

Burlington Coat Factory

The use of horizontal stripes on this batwing top from Burlington Coat Factory gives it a dressed down appearance. The stripes alternate in color from deep red to vintage pink. The batwing sleeves feature an angled cut that extends from forearm to wrist. The banded fabric hem at the bottom of the shirt lets you wear it long or create a folded style. The shirt is marked down to $19.99 with free shipping for orders totaling more than $75.

CiCi Hot

The adorable striped batwing shirt from CiCi Hot will make an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The light pink cotton blend features thin horizontal stripes from top to bottom. The long batwing sleeves create a layered look at the back of the top. The price is just right at $12.95. If you use code DL40, you can save 40% on a single item.

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