5 Great Evening Looks for Less From Forever21

by Jessica B. | June 10th, 2015 | Evening Wear, Women's Fashion

woman dressed for evening (400x400)For a long time I avoided Forever21 mostly because it has been a very long time since I was 21 and I didn’t think I would find anything there. But the truth is, there are some really great looks for less that won’t look too embarrassing on anyone over 25. Here are a few of my favorite evening looks, and many of them are well under $50, great if you are on a budget.

Strappy Halter Maxi Dress – Have a formal summer event to attend and nothing to wear? This is your dress. It is beautiful, classy, and modern, under $30 and comes in royal blue. You will feel like Elsa from Frozen. While this dress looks basic from the front, the straps in the back are anything but basic. You are bound to get attention of a good kind in this dress.

Lace Paneled Knit Dress – Looking for a perfect black dress for the event? Would you consider an under $20 model? If so, look no further. This dress is classy, sexy and doesn’t show too much skin. It manages to cover your shoulders and back, while still looking a bit revealing.

Varsity Stripe A-Line Dress – This gorgeous dress manages to keep things looking both classy and a touch sexy. While the dress is demure, there is a beautiful little cut out in the small of the back, which makes this dress a great option for evening wear. Because of the way it sits, you can also comfortably combine it with a supportive bra, so it works well for women that need more support in evening wear. All this for under $30, not a bad deal at all.

Collared Peter Pan Dress – This cute little black dress is elegant enough for evening wear, but can even be worn at the office with a cute cardigan. The outfit won’t cost you more than $25, so you certainly won’t break the bank. The skirt is a bit short, so it may not be the best piece for a formal, church event. But if you are planning for a night of dancing, this is for you.

Baroque Jacquard Layered Dress – This dress only comes in a charming shade of yellow, but it is a flattering shade that goes well with many skin tones. I love this dress because the cut is flattering and cute, but the dress is still not too flashy.

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