5 Great Pieces to Wear to the Office In Summer

by Jessica B. | July 1st, 2015 | Office Wear

woman in cap sleeves (400x400)Dressing well for the office in summer is always a bit tricky. While the heat makes you want to throw on a cute tank and a suitable skirt, most offices have strict summer dress codes. But don’t worry, there are many options out there so that you don’t get stuck wearing a heavy suit jacket in the middle of the summer heat.

Capped Sleeves – Many offices have policies on exposed shoulders, which may rule out a lot of summer looks. But this summer ModCloth has a ton of cute dresses available with capped sleeves that will keep you comfortable, cute, and office friendly. You can even pair them with a short-sleeved blazer if your office has a stricter policy.

Pencil Skirt – I love a nice pencil skirt, and they are great for summer office wear. If you feel comfortable enough with your legs, you can easily go without stockings in the summer, or a light pantyhose will keep you looking good and feeling comfortable. Pencil skirts tend to be long enough to be office friendly and you can pair them with a short sleeved blouse to make for a comfortable look, like this one from Loft.

Summery blouses – You don’t need to wear a formal, high collar blouse every day during the summer. There are some really cute, lighter options that are both work appropriate and have a nice summer feel. I love the Vince Camuto collection that is currently heavily reduced in price at Macy’s for some blouses with a more summery feel.

Summer blazers – If you must wear a blazer, then Zara is the go to place. Again, most options are heavily marked down, if they are normally over your budget, and these blazers are light, brightly colored and flow much more than traditional blazers. My favorites are the kimono style ones, but there are a few more traditional options available as well.

Jumpsuit – If you are feeling brave and you have the figure to pull it off, a formal jumpsuit is a great way to dress up, but keep things summery light. Kohls has some really nice summer jump suits on sale that are office suitable, I love this one.


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