5 Hiking Shoes For Under $50

by Jessica B. | June 17th, 2015 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

hiking boots (400x400)Usually I don’t recommend buying cheap hiking shoes, because they are so essential to a great hike and cheap shoes tend not to be good for the long term. But if you are just planning to go on a few casual hikes, a cheap pair of hiking shoes can be helpful to have. You may also find that you want to plan longer hikes with heavier packs, so then consider investing in a real good pair of hiking boots Here are a few starter pairs of hiking boots. Enjoy them and take care of them, and they should take you far.

Brahma Women’s Diane II Leather Work Boot – These work boots are a suitable hiking boot as they are also waterproof and provide decent ankle support. You might want to consider recoating the boots in an extra layer of waterproof protection, if there is a risk for rain. Also make sure to break in these boots before you go on a longer hike. But as far as boots under $50, these are a great pair.

Everest Woman’s Waterproof Hiking Boot – These boots have solid rubber soles, which can be great for longer hikes, especially if there is a lot of moisture. They also have a leather upper, which is great for hiking. You should make sure you break in these boots before your hike. These shoes do run small, so you may want to order a size up if you cannot try them on before purchase.

Five Ten Women’s Hiking Shoe – These hiking boots normally retail for well over $100, and you will notice the difference in the construction. While these are currently on sale via Amazon, if you find an opportunity to get Five Ten’s under $50, you should leap at the chance. These shoes have great grip and can help an unaccustomed hiker gain stable ground. Again, these shoes do run small, so try to size up and be prepared to try on a few.

Hi Tec Women’s Thomas 200i Trail Running Shoe – I know, you may not be looking for a trail running shoe, but these shoes are pretty special. They are super comfortable, look amazing, and provide great support. If you are a casual hiker, these can be the perfect shoes for you. They are a little untraditional looking, so they may not suit everyone’s taste, but do check them out.

Nevados Women’s Boomerang II Low Hiking Boot –These shoes are a great inexpensive way to get a quality hiking shoe for less. They are a bit roomy, so you may want to size down, but they are lightweight and will do well even in the summer.

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