5 Places to Find a Gorgeous Fur Snood on Sale

by Marnie Bii | January 19th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

sale (400x400)Although the snood sounds like a Dr. Seuss invention, it is actually a faux fur-covered variant of the infinity scarf. In fact, the original snood was a hairnet or beard cover for food production facilities, depending on whom you ask. Today, it’s a gorgeous fashion-forward scarf that keeps your face and neck warm in blustery weather. Despite, the snood’s high-class appearance, you can easily obtain your own for less than $25 from the following retailers.


You will love the ultra soft black faux fur used for this snood from Oasis. On most people, the snood fully covers the neck and collarbones. You can also pull it up over your face to block the wind. This scarf is made from acrylic materials, so it’s important to hand wash in cold water after wearing it for awhile. You’ll pay just $17 plus shipping for this item. If you spend more than $50, you can receive free shipping. Signing up for the newsletter will earn you an additional 15% off.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack currently offers a beautifully styled snood in three different colors: ivory, gray and taupe. The faux fur fabric twists around to create interesting folds in the scarf. The 100% polyester materials can be washed normally with other clothing without risk of color bleed or shrinking fabric. Each of these snoods is just $16.97 plus shipping. If you spend more than $100 on your order, shipping is free.


Topshop carries a gorgeous faux fur snood that complements nearly any outfit. The twisted snood comes in a variety of colors ranging from the pink-tinged nude tone to gorgeous glossy black. The colors are split into separate listings, however. You can find each color by looking to the right side bar on the product page. Current prices are discounted 50% to just $24 each with free shipping on all orders.
Forever 21

The basic black snood from Forever 21 will quickly become a staple in your daily wardrobe. Even after arriving at your destination, you will definitely want to continue wearing this super soft and comfortable scarf. The short fur on this design is made from acrylic and polyester for a glossy finish. You’ll pay just $12.90 for a snood of your own. If your order totals more than $50, you’ll enjoy free shipping too. If you’re unhappy with your order, you can return the item to the store or send it back at no charge.


If you want a little something different, consider their fur and knit snood from Kohl’s. The faux fur used for this cute scarf is a bit longer and shaggier than the other options. This snood gently cascades down from your neckline to create a beautiful fake cowl for blouses and sweaters. The luxuriously soft fur materials only come in black and white at this time. The price currently sits at $13.99, which is more than half off the original price of $36. Use your Kohl’s card for an addition 15 to 30 percent off. You’ll need to pay for shipping, but returns are always free.

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