5 Places to Find Amazing Strand Earrings

by Marnie Bii | December 29th, 2014 | Bargains of the Week

earrings (400x400)Strand earring styles look striking as they dangle up to two inches down from your earlobes. The shimmering strands often feature a mix of precious metals and beautiful gems that highlight your beautiful face. These earrings look great with any outfit and hairstyle. The best part is that you can obtain each pair of strand earrings for under $25 bucks apiece since they’re often made with small quantities of delicate materials. Here’s where to find your next five pairs of gorgeous earrings.


Pick up these triple strand earrings from Target for a flash of brilliance in your wardrobe. The strands are made from tiny rhinestone gems linked with silver metal bars. The strands form together to create subtle rhombus shape that complements the tiny details. The posts and backs are made from nickel-free metal to prevent allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Each pair is just $12.99 right now with free shipping if you increase your order total to $50.


Macy’s currently offers chandelier inspired earrings designed by Steve Madden. A beautiful v-shaped row of five clear rhinestones supports dozens of ball chains that come to a point at the bottom. The result is a delicate structure that sways to and fro as you walk. Nickel-free French hooks comfortably hold these earrings in your ears. Unless you’re picking up other items to bring your total up to $75 for free shipping, a pair of these beauties will cost you $15 plus shipping.


The combination of compact metal strands and gem-adorned teardrop supports really make these earrings from Bebe stand out. The top of the dangling chains wrap around the bottom of the teardrop to create an interesting contrast. The clear gems also beautifully contrast the tiny metal loops in the chain to create a look that keeps people glancing back your way. A pair of these earrings runs $24 plus shipping costs.

Ice Carats

Ice Carats offers an interesting take on the strand earrings with ones made from cultured pearls. A series of five yellow, white and pink pearls are suspended with circular sterling silver links to create two separate strands. The strands bounce off one another to catch the light, and the eye, as you move around. The French hooks are nickel-free to provide a comfortable hold all day. These earrings are marked down 39% to an even $23 a pair plus shipping.

Silver Speck

The punk-inspired earrings from Silver Speck feature an interesting mix of metal shapes, sizes and colors. The metal links end at different lengths to create a tapered effect at the bottom. The result is a blend of femininity and strength that will draw attention anywhere you go. Since these earrings are so low key, you can wear them virtually anywhere without feeling too dressed up. The earrings recently received a 20% markdown to $15.99 a pair. If you spend $25 total on your order, you’ll receive free shipping for all of the items in your cart.

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