5 Places to Find Inexpensive and Beautiful Blouses

by Jessica B. | February 11th, 2015 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

woman in blouse (400x400)A great blouse is well worth the money. It can take you from the office, or out on the town. It can help you get away with wearing the same suit jacket a few days in a row, and it can help pull your entire outfit together. But even if a good blouse is essential, it doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot. Here are five of my favorite stores to find a real blouse bargain.

1) H&M – This discount clothing store has very tasteful and inexpensive office wear. Their blouses tend to be under $40, and on trend. If you don’t want to buy your entire suit here, pick up a few blouses to give you more versatility with your up business suit. Most people seem surprised to know that many of my basics come from H&M, and I take it as a compliment.

2) Target – Yes, you can get everything at Target. The best thing about Target blouses are the price tags, but don’t be afraid, there are some very comfortable blouses available here, and they look professional and fit well.  Right now Target is collaborating with Mossimo, one of my favorite Italian designers, and the resulting line is inexpensive, but beautiful.

3) Nordstrom Rack – It can be hard to tell the difference between designer clothing heavily discounted and designer clothing made for the outlet market, but Nordstrom Rack does tend to have a great selection of the former at a deep discount. I love Nordstroms, but often find it out of my budget range, so I stock up on those items later when they are heavily discounted at Nordstrom Rack.

4) JC Penney – I didn’t do a great deal of shopping at JC Penney before I received a gift card there last year, but I was surprised to find that their extensive line of office wear for women is both reasonably priced, professional, and not too stodgy looking (a preconception I had). I often need to wear rather conventional suits when I go into the office, and that can be hard to find at some of the trendier stores like H&M, so JC Penney is a great place to pick up some of the pieces. Their blouses are no exception, so top by and check them out!

5) TJ Maxx/Marshalls – Do you have some time? If so, you can always look for blouses at these discount shops. But remember the stock varies greatly and you will have to dig around to find what you are looking for. Ask the store employees if there is a branch close to you that specializes in office wear (the stores do vary their goods locally – one has more shoes, another more higher end designers, etc.)

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