5 Places To Find Super Cute Headbands On Sale

by Marnie Bii | January 5th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

headbands (400x400)Upon noticing everyone from influential women in sports to runway models wearing adorable headbands, you may be searching out these hair care accessories for yourself. This versatile accessory comes in a wide range of colors, materials and styles, so it’s easy to find one for every outfit in your closet. You may wear headbands while going out on the town or just while exercising your butt off. After all, headbands hold your hair out of your face while looking incredibly fashionable. Here are five places to find headbands under $15 each to jumpstart your collection today.

City Sports

City Sports brings you a thin braided headband in green, blue, orange and red tones. The headband is a stretchy loop of material that you slip down to your neck, and then slide back over your hair until it sits right by your ears. The braided texture coupled covered in silicone holds your stray hairs fast while you run, bike or workout in the gym. You’ll pay just $11.99 per headband plus shipping, which varies according to your location.


Buckle currently carries a set of three decorative loop style headbands with beautiful embellishments across the top. The thin headbands come in Earth tones ranging from dark red and olive green to copper and bronze. One of the headbands features a tightly woven braid, another has coins across the top and the third features a stitched diamond pattern. The set will run you $14.95 plus shipping. If you spend $100 on your order, you’ll receive a free wrist cuff or bracelet.


Modcloth offers a retro styled headband that mimics the look of a folded bandana. The thick red headband is covered in a smattering of white polka dots that really bring the piece together. A cute tie at the top completes the look to create a truly old school feel. If you’re so inclined, you can untie the band and wear it in different styles to create a whole new look. Pay just $14.99 plus shipping to bring this look home for yourself. Use the code WOOHOO to save an additional 20% off.


The three-piece set from Tilly’s will net you several styles to choose from with just one purchase. The set comes in a crochet theme that uses cream, brown, olive and red tones. The brown headband features a thin, tight braid that ends in a black elastic band. The cream band is a thicker crocheted pattern with a cute bow at the top. The red and olive band is a mix of the two materials with a flower design printed across the surface. All three will cost you just $5.99 plus shipping. Tilly’s is also running a buy one, get one 50% off sale that you can take advantage of.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley has a traditionally shaped headband on sale right now. The headband is wrapped in one of three patterned materials featuring bright red, yellow and green tones on a black and white background. Two coiled flowers are located next to each other at the temple area. The headbands are $9.00 each plus shipping if you buy right now.

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