5 Places to Grab an Obi Belt on Sale

by Marnie Bii | March 2nd, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

belts (400x400)The Obi belt, or sash, started appearing on spring runways this year. This belt looks amazing with button up blouses and dresses of all kinds. In addition to its beautiful looks, it also offers utility by accentuating your waistline. The belt gives your outfit a perfectly fitted appearance without spending a ton at the tailor’s. Although the Obi belts found on runways are created by high-end designers, you can find this sash style at a bargain without sacrificing quality. Here are five places to net your very own Obi belt for under $20.


Kmart offers a fun take on the Obi belt by using faux leather materials in its construction. Instead of simply tying at the front, this dark brown structured sash uses a simplistic gold toned buckle. You can then loop the long end of the belt around to mimic the look of a tied sash. The wide belt spans 3 1/2 inches in height and comes in three different sizes to fit any figure. Each belt is only $19.99 plus shipping.


Bonanza also approaches this belt style in a unique way with their bright orange sash. This wide belt mimics the Obi style by wrapping tightly around the midsection for a structured appearance. The back of this sash has several rectangular segments that move and flex with your body. The front continually tapers out to its widest point at the center. This belt runs only $7.98, but you can make a lower offer if you wish.


Although this belt from HSN mimics the tied sash style, it uses faux leather materials to mix it up a bit. The belt height ranges from 2 5/8 inches at the front to 3/8 inch ties in the back. The ties are actually long enough to wrap back around to the front and create a nice bow. You can obtain this belt in any size from XS at a 99-inch length to 3X at 116 inches. The price is marked down to $8.00 from the original price of $29.99. If you buy more than one item on your order, shipping drops by 50%.


The beautifully adorned Obi belt from Rakuten will make your favorite wardrobe pieces feel like new this season. This stretchy belt features a secure central enclosure flanked by baubles in a triangle configuration. The remainder of the belt material features an interesting waffle weave pattern that accentuates the orange-brown tones. This leatherette belt is an amazing three inches in height, which creates a striking look. You’ll pay just $15.00 for this belt and shipping is free.


This Etsy seller creates Obi belts using the traditional style cues and materials. The belt features a thick 5-inch front panel that tapers off to the 2 1/4 inch ties. The entire belt spans more than 60 inches in length to fit any figure. Although this listing shows a black belt, this Etsy shop offers the style sash style in a number of colors and patterns. All of these belts are only $18.00 plus shipping.

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