5 Places to Grab Shapewear at a Bargain

by Marnie Bii | March 30th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

shopping_bags_2Common trouble spots, especially the abdomen, can make even the nicest outfits look a bit dumpy. Thankfully, you can pick up a nice shape wear undergarment to smooth out your belly for a polished look in your awesome outfit. Although many shape wear items easily hit $100 in price, you can pick one up an equally nice piece on a budget by keeping your eyes peeled for bargains. Here are five such items on sale right now.

Forever 21

Hold it all together without sacrificing style with this mesh piece from Forever 21. The shape wear will fit your body like a bathing suit while providing a bit more support up top. Furthermore, the clean lines and embellishments won’t cause embarrassment when they poke out under your stylish outfit. This item comes in both black and nude tones. At just $9.99 each, you may even be able to take home one in each color. Unless you want to spend $50 to obtain free shipping, check the top bar for daily promo codes that eliminate shipping costs altogether.

Classic Shapewear

Classic Shapewear offers a bodysuit with lace patterns that make it look fun and stylish. The super thin mesh fabric comes in nude tones with black lace flowers across the top. Three reinforced sections hold your body together to keep bulges from interrupting the fitment of your outfit. The underwire cups feature a bit of padding to make the suit feel comfortable all day. You will pay just $23.00 for this item since the site offers free shipping without a minimum order amount.


This shape wear piece from Target is a no-nonsense, workhorse of this category. The slimming design of this piece ensures you will stay confident in the tightest of outfits. The boy short legs help keep your thighs from chafing while wearing a dress or skirt. The scooped top allows you to wear your own bra for the greatest amount of support. The bodysuit is just $21.99. There’s a buy one, get one 50% off sale going on right now as well.


Walmart also carries a plain bodysuit that does the job without the fuss. The nude colored suit offers full support using a strapless underwire top. The reinforced tummy and hip areas smooth out tough spots across your midsection. You will need to use your bra size to find a suit that fits your shape perfectly. If you spend more than $50 on your order, you’ll receive your bodysuit for just $19.94 shipped.

NY Lingerie

The full black sexy style bodysuit from NY Lingerie takes this idea to the next level. Precisely cut darts give the reinforced panels increased strength even as you bend and twist throughout the day. The reinforced cups act like a normal bra without pinching while under pressure from the rest of the suit. The lace embellishments on the cups give you confidence needed to wear the tightest, sexiest outfit. This piece of shape wear normally costs up to $60, but it’s marked down to $32.75 right now with free shipping.

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