5 Pleasing Pearl Accessories

by Lori Sciame | March 20th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

pearl necklace (400x400)The Oscars ended up being even more dramatic this year after Lupita Nyong’o’s pearl dress was stolen from her hotel room. The popular event quickly transformed from “who won it?” to “who done it?”  A few days later, the thief returned the dress to the same hotel in a trash bag.  Why?  Because the pearls turned out to be fake!

That’s the thing about pearls; it’s difficult to tell real ones from imposters.  Even thieves can make a mistake.  This fact is good news for those who love fashion, as we can look like we spent a lot of money on pearl accessories, when in fact, we’ve paid very little for each item.

Check out the following five pleasing (and reasonably priced) faux pearl accessories.  I’m sure you’ll love one – or maybe all – of them.

1.  A decorative flask can be a sexy addition to a woman’s handbag.  This cheeky accessory makes a woman appear a little dangerous, while as the same time, super stylish.  I love icing’s Pearl Bling Drink Flask available for $14.50 online.  Follow this link to see this stunning accessory.

2.  Today’s trendy front/back earrings certainly give an old standby a new look.  Who wouldn’t appreciate simulated pearl studs paired with additional “pearls” dropping below the ear?  For only $5.00, you can purchase your own front/back imitation pearl earrings from icing.  To view these beauties, click here.

3.  Vintage necklaces continue to be hot in 2015, especially pearl necklaces.  This romantic accessory, which calls to mind the roaring 20’s, dominate the fashion scene.  Take advantage of this trend by purchasing a variety of fake pearl necklaces – some single strand and some multi strand.  Want to see a daring example?  Click here to view a necklace that not only has graduated pearls, but one that has an adorable crystal flower on one side!

4.  Belts that feature faux pearls will add a dash of romance to a dressy outfit as well.  Expensive pearl belts can run into the thousands of dollars, yet inexpensive imitation pearl belts abound as well.  Here is just one example. (Caution:  only wear this accessory when you want to attract ATTENTION!)

5.  Key chains go from dull to dazzling with the addition of fake pearls.  A woman might not realize it, but even how she chooses to carry her keys says a lot about her sense of style. You’ll love this monogrammed and pearl chain from zazzle for only $14.95 online.  Click here to see it.

If you like the above “pearl” accessory options, you may wish to carry the pearl theme further by tackling a DIY project.  For example, one can attach pearls to a phone case, an umbrella handle, and even to the brim of a favorite hat.

No matter how you use pearls to accessorize, you will be an instant hit.  Just like the dress stolen from the Oscars, no one will know if the pearls are fake. It’s all about the look created.

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