5 Stylish Wide Brimmed Hats for Under $20 Each

by Marnie Bii | July 20th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

shopping_bags_2Shielding yourself from the sun must remain high on your summer to-do list to prevent the development of ill health effects. One of the most effective ways to protect your body is by using wide brimmed hats and clothing designed to block the sun. These apparel options will continue providing shady protection throughout the day, even if you forget to reapply your sunscreen. In order to always have a wide brimmed hat on hand, make sure to pick up a few on sale right now. Here are five stylish options.

Land’s End

The combination of contrasting rings and a wavy brim give this hat from Land’s End unique appeal. The straw materials feel lightweight, even after hours of wear. The rounded crown and wide brim gently block out sunlight all day long. The dainty string around the base of the crown shows off a cute lighthouse charm to complete this fun look. You will pay just $19.99 for this hat. Receive an extra 20% off and free shipping with the YEAR20 promo code and 2020 pin.

American Eagle

American Eagle went with natural straw tones and a colorful string embellishment for their sun hat design. A pinched front crown and generously sized brim ensure this hat feels comfortable without flying off while playing games on the beach or walking on a windy day. Thanks to the light yellow straw tones, you can complement nearly any outfit with this awesome hat. Bring this hat home with you for only $19.99. You will get free shipping on all orders over $50.

Forever 21

Forever 21 takes the floppy brim to a whole new level with this sun hat on sale now. The brim stretches to nearly six inches in length at all sides. The circumference comes to just under two feet. The use of polyester and paper yarn mimics the look and feel of straw while ensuring this hat has the perfect amount of stretch. Make this hat your own for $14.90 plus shipping. Use the EXTRA50 promo code for an additional 50% off.


The mix of neat black grosgrain ribbon and rough straw textures on this hat from Kohl’s creates a contrasting design unlike any other. You will love the way this wide crowned hat fits snugly on your head. The perfectly round nine-inch rim will keep your face and neck shielded from the sun at any time of the day. The price is right at $19.00 even right now, which is a significant markdown from the original $38.00 tag. Pick it up in the store to eliminate shipping charges.

Charlotte Russe

An extra wide brim, round crown and tied embellishments combine to create this gorgeous hat from Charlotte Russe. The rich black materials feature several weaved textures that make the design really stand out. The woven materials also allow air to flow through the hat to keep you cool on particularly hot days. You can quickly add this hat to your collection by paying the asking price of $14.99 plus shipping. The flat rate for shipping is just $5.

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