5 Super Cute T-Shirt Dresses Priced to Sell

by Marnie Bii | July 27th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

clothing_2A T-shirt dress is a soft, cool and comfortable wardrobe item you can wear without adornments or alongside your favorite accessories. The dress itself feels really casual and relaxed while still showing off your unique style and physique. You can find this type of dress in a number of configurations from no sleeved, V-necks to ones with short, ribbed sleeves. All of the dress cuts share one thing in common, the thin cotton blend material. You can find cute T-shirt dresses on sale at a variety of online retailers. Start with the five listed below to pick up a dress for under $15.


The ribbed sleeves and pinstripe design really make this dress from Rotita stand out from the rest. The upper portion of the dress remains bright white until the bustline where the pinstripes begin. From there, the dress extends down to about mid thigh where it ends with a narrow seam. This cut looks great over thin leggings paired with jeweled ballet flats. You can bring this dress home with you for just $14.82.


Target currently carries a sleeveless T-shirt dress with aggressive striping that looks good on any frame. The V-neck cut and thick shoulder straps give this dress a robust upper support system. The dress cut comes in a bit at the waistline and back out again to just above the knee. The sides at the knee feature small slits that extend about three inches up the side. You can choose between blue and green or black and white stripes over a white background. Use the code EXTRA25 for an additional 25% markdown on the listed $13.98 price tag.


Classic short sleeves and a rounded neckline balance the look of this dress from Walmart. The T-shirt dress is lightly taken in at the waistline for a formfitting appearance. The bottom seam sits right at the mid thigh to keep the dress flow under control. There are multiple color options for the striped pattern. In stock right now are coral flame, heather gray, arctic, and sapphire stripe tones. The dress is priced to sell at $9.94. You can pick up your order in the store for no additional charge.

Forever 21

Another classic cut from Forever 21 will suit your body type without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable. This dress features angled short sleeves and an elongated round neckline. The T-shirt dress works well while lounging around or participating in rugged outdoor activities, like camping or hiking. Choose between blue and red or black and green color schemes. At the $14.90 price point, you may even have enough to bring home both colors.

Charlotte Russe

The darted style from Charlotte Russe gives this T-shirt dress a little more shape than the other options. As a result of the side darts, the dress features a lightly ruffled bottom edge. The short sleeves and open neckline look great on any body type. The dresses’ contrast of deep navy and bright white stripes stands out, day or night. Make this dress your own for just $13.99 plus shipping.

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