5 Waterproof, Stylish Wool Hats for Under $30

by Marnie Bii | February 23rd, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

girl in wool hat (400x400)Wool is naturally waterproof, holds its shape well and features a texture that pairs well with nearly any other fabric. As a result, wool is an excellent material for accessories, especially hats. Wool hats come in a number of cuts and styles that look great in casual or formal settings. The wool material will last far into the future with very little care. Although this material is versatile and long lasting, you do not need to pay a fortune to obtain a nice hat. Here are five wool hats that will not cost you much to own.

Sammy Dress

This wide brim wool hat from Sammy Dress will keep the sun and rain out of your face while providing your look with a touch of mystery. The rich color and elegant tie around the domed crown give this hat a sophisticated appearance. This hat comes in deep red, bright red, black, brown and tan tones. The wool materials easily resume their shape after being stuffed in a bag or center console. At only $9.82 per hat, plus shipping, you can buy one of each color to complement or contrast all of your jackets or dresses.

Forever 21

The bright blue wool bowler hat from Forever 21 is sure to impress a crowd. The blue tones allow the soft texture of the wool to stand on its own. The inner surface does not have a lining, which will help the wool dry out without mildewing after walking in heavy rain. The rounded one-inch brim adds a bit of girth to the domed crown. You will only have to pay $12.80 plus shipping to take this hat home. However, if your order reaches $50 total, shipping is free.


This floppy wool boho hat from Swell features a two-tone color scheme that will definitely complete your look. The wool materials come in a dark brown color scheme with soft brown fibers throughout. A tan leather strand encircles the bottom of the cattleman crown to complete the design. The hat will run you about $25.16 plus shipping, unless you bring your order up to $39 for free standard shipping.


Nordstrom currently offers a wide flat brimmed bowler hat with a telescope crown. The brim maintains a flat appearance throughout its two inch width. The hat comes in rich black tones with a cute peacock feather embellishment on the side. A grosgrain band around the bottom of the crown really brings the hat to the next level. The original price of $42.00 is marked down 40% to just $25.20 and shipping is free.

Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn currently carries this super cute, amazingly styled wool cadet hat. The short front brim and domed crown come together to create a casual style. The knit bow details and intricate stitching give the hat a sophisticated look, so it can be worn to nearly any event. The hat comes in either black or white tones. Both colors are marked down to $19.99, with free shipping, from their original price of $27.93.

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