5 Ways to Feel Confident in Evening Wear

by Lori Sciame | April 30th, 2015 | Evening Wear, Plus-Size Fashion, Women's Fashion

larger-woman_dressMass media…I hate you. Why? Because you glorify stick thin models, those that appear one carrot stick away from death. When you worship human twigs, you help to give plus size women a negative self-image.  As a result, these women may not feel as confident in evening wear as they should feel!

Until society changes, and the media begins to portray heavier women for they are, sexy, vivacious people, I offer a bit of sage advice in this post.  Feel free to use the following 5 tips for boosting your self image when wearing evening attire.  If you feel confident about how you look, you will maximize your beauty (inner and outer) on the night of the big event.

1.  Splurge on a custom fit

For a special occasion, it makes perfect sense to hire a seamstress.  He or she can fine tune the length of shoulder straps or take in a too large waist.  I guarantee results.  If your gown or dressy suit fits you perfectly – no matter what your size – you will feel like a million dollars. The best part: these services can be had for a song!

2.  Opt for a little sleeve or wrap

Some women carry a lot of weight in their upper arms, and as a result, the skin may dimple.  To look their best, these women could opt for a dress or top that has sleeves which fall just below the bicep or to the elbow crease.  A filmy shoulder wrap will also work well to camouflage less than perfect arms.

3.  Resist shapeless dresses and tunics

A woman with a low self esteem may think that a sack like dress, one in plain navy blue polyester, will suffice for a night on the town. STOP! Instead, every woman must realize that she DESERVES a trendy dress or an up to the minute top.  Don’t hide behind outdated clothing pieces.  It will build confidence to invest in a stylish outfit instead.

4. Buy the right undergarments

Plus size women need to admit the following: the right undergarments, including intimates and shapers, will dramatically improve one’s appearance.  Don’t let the media convince you that all you deserve is a $5 bra and rayon panties from a dollar store. On the contrary, buy quality undergarments, including toning shapers.  You will feel much more “put together” in your dressy outfit if you do.

Follow this link to view a sampling of plus size shapewear perfect for evenings.

5.  Add the right accessories

Another way to build confidence is to think about the details.  For instance, the right statement necklace, as well as a designer bag will surely catch people’s attentions.  Add a pair of fun flats, and you just might steal the spotlight!

Changing Stereotypes

Thank goodness media IS changing, at least a little bit.  I am especially happy with the new hit comedy, Christella.  The show features a gorgeous, smart, Latina.  She is confident, beautiful, and plus size.  If you are a plus size woman, follow Christella’s lead. Dress to impress, and show off your confidence.

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