6 Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10

by Cricket Webber | December 18th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

stocking stuffers (400x400)Are you shopping on a budget this year, or do you have a huge list of gals to buy for? Then you’re definitely looking for some stocking stuffers that aren’t going to break the bank. Here are some ideas for you to work with.

Bubble Bath and a Cute Sponge

A bottle of good bubble bath and a cute sponge can make even the ickiest day better. Put this in your gal’s stocking, and she’ll be armed should that day come. Those plastic netted sponges are great for bubble baths because they really lather up soap or bubble bath and they are super easy to keep clean.

Drawer Sachets

A lot of people overlook drawer sachets as something that went out of style ages ago, but they’re a tiny little touch of luxury that we all need now and again. You can even make a ton of them yourself for gifts, they’re so easy to put together. Try to choose scents that you know she’ll adore. If she’s got a signature scent already, stick with it.

Hair Accessories

Who ever has enough hair accessories? You don’t have to go with the super expensive ones, either. No one has too many bobby pins, ponytail holders, or skinny headbands to wear while washing your face. They tend to disappear as the year goes on, too, so stock your loved one up on some new ones.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is just made for winter. Your lips are dry and chapped, and if you’ve got a tube of lip balm in every pocket then you’re prepared. Consider grabbing a set for your loved one’s stocking. Some good choices are the sets that have many different flavors or scents in a mixed bunch. If your loved one has a particular favorite, stock her up on them.

Nail Care Kits

Nail care kits are another one of those items that you always need on hand, but they can get used up or disappear really easily. Getting a new one every year is a great idea, particularly if it’s got emery boards instead of a glass file. Throw in a shade or two of nail polish, and you’ve got a whole manicure kit that can fit into a stocking.

A Compact Mirror

Every gal needs a compact mirror that she can tuck away and you can never have too many of them. They tend to disappear along with ponytail holders and bobby pins. Get a set so she has one for her purse and one for her gym bag or laptop case, too.

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