6 Studded Purses You Can Have for Under $40 Each

by Marnie Bii | October 27th, 2014 | Bargains of the Week

purses (400x400)Studded handbags add a bit of rugged beauty to both casual and professional styles. Although designer handbags easily run up into the $1000 range, you only need to spend a tiny fraction of that amount to find a look you adore. Consider one of the six following purse styles to obtain the perfect one for everyday use.

Monroe & Main

Monroe & Main bring you a teal and gold toned hobo bag that showcases studs in a delicate way. The rounded gold studs follow the central stitching that encompasses the bag. The corners also have a small group of studs to provide support and balance the overall design. This oversized, faux leather bag is marked down 49% to a mere $39.99 plus shipping.

Neiman Marcus

This crossbody styled purse from Neiman Marcus features four rows of flat topped, gold studs on each side. The gold studs complement the beautifully textured peach faux leather in a striking manner. You can remove the long shoulder strap to convert this small bag to a handy clutch. Although this bag started at $120 at the start of the season, it’s only $39.00 plus shipping if you order now.

Shiek Shoes

The vegan leather handbag from Shiek Shoes uses six rows of black studs for dramatic effect. Two versatile and attractive zippered pockets flank the pyramid shaped studs. The main pocket features a zipper as well to keep all of your goods secured inside. The bag comes in both burgundy and teal tones. Right now, you will receive 50% off this bag for a price of $14.99 before shipping.


Tiny gold studs adorn this gorgeous bowling bag styled purse offered by Torrid. This black faux leather bag features structured details, like quilted handles, zippered enclosures and a stitched shoulder strap, that combine beauty and utility. At nearly 12 inches tall, you can fit your whole arsenal of beauty supplies and personal care products inside. The current retail price sits at $34.99, but you can receive an additional 25% off by using the promo code YESPLEASE.


A ton of flat topped gold studs cover the sides of this bowling bag shaped tote by Buckle. The creamy brown faux leather beautifully complements the gold accents. The inside is covered in a stunning black and white houndstooth liner. This bag includes a small exterior zippered pocket and two pouches inside the main compartment. The purse is marked down by half from $54.95 to just $27.47 for a limited time.


The Aztec inspired purse at Kohl’s features a stunning combination of white, blue and brown tones. A mix of round and pyramid shaped silver studs cover the top brown faux leather portion of the purse. A diagonal zipper separates the top section from the Aztec patterned bottom. Either side of the shoulder strap showcases the dual materials used for the purse. The original $33.50 price is currently discounted to an impressive $23.45.

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