7 Accessories Under $25 for Holiday Season 2015

by Cricket Webber | December 4th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

pearls (400x400)One of the best things about following trends for upcoming seasons is that you can find really affordable versions of the leading items to add to your own wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find a look that works for you. Pick and choose from some of these big options for this holiday season and use them to freshen up your holiday wardrobe.


Headgear, whether that’s headbands or other types of hair accessories, are big this season. Look for unique designs that let your personality shine through. Many of them are going to have several of the other trends below incorporated, so look for that, too.


Pearls are everywhere now. They’re on shoes, jewelry, and anything else you can think of. Big or small, fake or real, pearls are classy and they scream sophistication. While you can find pearls in all sorts of colors, the biggest trend is for traditionally-colored pearls.


Whether it’s an accent or an overlay, lace is hot this holiday season. It’s fantastic on shoes or on clutches and handbags. Look for lace as part of earrings or necklaces, too. Look for neutrals so you can get the most wear out of your lacy accessories.


Velvet tracksuits are a thing of the past, but velvet is back big time. Look for velvet flats, particularly embroidered ones for fall and winter. Also look for handbags and headbands made from velvet. Think about replacing some plain buttons on a dress or shirt with velvet-covered buttons.

Signature Rings

Signature necklaces have been absolutely huge this year and during the 2015 holiday season, they’re joined in a big way by signature rings. From the silly to the sublime, there’s something for everyone but be careful, these rings are huge.


There are a lot of valid arguments against real fur, but fake fur has come a long, long way. And you can find it everywhere this season whether it’s as the trim on a bag or throw or giant puffs on a pair of earrings.


All that glitters this season is probably gold. Shoes, bags, jewelry, and everything else you can think of are covered in gold. Even makeup for this season is tending toward gold and other metallic.

Get out there and try some new trends this holiday season. They’re inexpensive, and you’re likely to find something that you love to carry over into the new year.

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