7 Casual Maxi Skirts Perfect for Lounging at Home

by Lana Bandoim | April 29th, 2015 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

casual maxi skirt (400x400)If you are tired of the boring track suits and sweatpants you wear at home, then maxi skirts can be the perfect solution. They are comfortable, so you can relax and lounge around the house. However, they are also stylish, so you do not scare the neighbors.

Convertible Maxi Skirt

The Convertible Maxi Skirt from Caslon can be worn in two ways and maximizes the garment’s potential. The black maxi skirt has ruched sides that allow it to be converted into a strapless dress. The skirt is made from stretchy material, so you can wear it all day at home. It is available in black or black and white stripes.

Print Woven Maxi Skirt

The Print Woven Maxi Skirt from RD Style comes in a black geometric print and a white geometric print. The skirt has a wide, elastic waistband designed for comfort, so you can eat a big lunch at home without worrying. It also has a side slit that makes it easier to wear as you relax.

Resort Reviewer Skirt in Mangrove

The Resort Reviewer Skirt in Mangrove is a stylish edition to your casual wear wardrobe. This maxi skirt has a bohemian pattern with plume features. The waist is elastic, but the skirt also comes with a rope tie to stay in place. It is comfortable and does not cling to the body as you move.

Bold Storyteller Skirt

The Bold Storyteller Skirt is covered in chevron patterns and is perfect for lounging in your favorite chair at home. Although it is only available in navy and white, the skirt has an elastic waist. The material is a soft, jersey knit that gives you enough stretch to feel comfortable all day.

Sprinkled with Sunshine Skirt

You can step back in time with this fun Sprinkled with Sunshine Skirt covered in polka dots. The skirt mimics the popular polka dot prints from the 1950s and 1960s, but it has a modern twist. This maxi skirt has a waistband that can be folded for more comfort and is made from a stretchy fabric. It is lightweight and perfect for hot summer days at home.

Delve into Delight Skirt in Royal Blue

The Delve into Delight Skirt in Royal Blue has blue and white stripes covering the stretchy fabric. The broad waistband can be folded or rolled down for more comfort. It does not cling to your body in an annoying way, so you can move freely as you relax at home. The fabric stays cool in the heat, so this is a good option for hot days.

Kaleidoscope Curtsy Skirt

The Kaleidoscope Curtsy Skirt will add instant color to your outfit with its pink, white, gray, black, red, yellow, blue and green patterns. The fabric is lightweight and designed to flow around your body, so this skirt never feels clingy. It has accordion pleating to hide your curves and let you indulge in a few treats at home. In addition, the waist has two elastic panels on the side to provide comfort.

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