7 Great Gifts For Guys for Valentine’s Day

by TK | February 12th, 2008 | Men's Shopping

I am of the opinion that men have it easy when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift buying. Buy something that smells good or sparkles and you will probably be a winner. Of course, you can get more creative and actually buy something that is personal and reflects what the female of your life really wants, but the fact is that most men don’t have that much gift buying talent.

But buying for men is much trickier. Women can’t just buy diamond earrings and be a winner (unless of course you are buying for a professional athlete or rap star, and diamond earrings may be appropriate then).

So ladies, I have decided to give you a list of 7 fool-proof gifts for you to get your man:

#7 – A hand written note telling him what he means to you. I know it sounds sappy, but most men I know would really appreciate a secret note that they find that tells them how important they are in your life.

#6Say “Thank You” more than normal. All men are creatures looking for praise. If you tell us we are doing a good job, we are all happy.

#5 – Get us a big steak. The number of men who do not like a big piece of meat is far and few between. Plus, beef is full of protein which builds up testosterone, which helps the libido. Connecting the dots with a great cut of meat goes a long way.

#4 – Watch our favorite sport with us. Most men I know love to have company watching sport. And the love of our life sitting and watching the game with us is a great gift.

#3Bake him something. The smell of fresh bread is a huge winner to me. For other men, it might be cookies, pies, or cakes. Besides getting to our stomachs, it showed us you took the time to make something special for us.

# 2Take him fishing. This can be replaced with any other type of  activity that requires outdoor clothing. Spending time outdoors with the perfect partner is a perfect recipe for bringing a couple together.

# 1 – Buy him a drink after work. Meet him at the best martini bar or local hangout after work and make sure you buy him the first drink. Most places like this have a great atmosphere and set a great mood for the evening.

Any of these ideas can be a winner for most men. Take a chance and put a little heart into your gift, and a good man will give it back to you two-fold.

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