9 Fashion Essentials for Stocking Stuffers

by Cricket Webber | December 17th, 2015 | Essentials, Women's Fashion

stocking with gifts (400x400)Stockings are sometimes tougher to figure out than gifts are. You want something small-ish, but something that still means something. So what can you put in there? Here are nine ideas that can work for any of the fashionable ladies on your list.

A Gift Certificate

Gift certificates get a lot of flak, but honestly, if you don’t know what to get her for sure then a gift certificate to her favorite store is a great option. Plus, it fits right in a stocking!


Okay, this one may seem “meh,” but it’s truly an essential and it’s an easy one for someone to forget to pick up for herself. Whether it’s an assortment of purse-sized tissues or a cute refillable version, this is practical and really thoughtful.

Something Fun for Hair

At some point everyone wants to try those latest and greatest hair fads, but it’s not always something that you’ll pick up for yourself. Your friend is the same way. So grab a kit with liquid hair chalk or something equally fun and stuff it in her stocking.


Gloves are always essential, but these aren’t your garden variety hand warmers. The latest versions are made from fabrics that allow you to still use your smartphone or tablet screen without having to take off the gloves. This is a huge improvement over fingerless gloves or gloves that have a removable “mitten” cover for your fingertips.

An Apron

This one may sound silly at first, but have you seen some of the super cute aprons that are available these days? Plus, if you’re shopping for a fashion lover, you know that the last thing she wants is to mess up her outfit of the day with something she’s cooking or baking.


This one is an oldie but a goodie. You can’t go wrong with a luxurious pair of pajamas in a stocking, particularly if you do your stockings on Christmas Eve. Go with something really decadent, like silk or another material that she loves.


If your fashion-loving friend is like most people, she’s got a drawer full of tights that have at least one small pick in them. They’re not so far gone yet that they can’t be worn, especially under a pair of jeans, but she can always add another pair to her stash.


Don’t misunderstand this one, we’re not talking about anything super fancy, although you could go that route. For stocking stuffers, go with fashion jewelry that mixes and matches. If it goes with something else that you’ve gotten her, all the better.

Fuzzy Socks

You can never go wrong with fuzzy socks, especially if they’re adorable to boot. Look for unique, cozy socks and get them in that stocking.

So there you have it! Nine solid ideas to fill out any stocking this year.

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