A Fresh Color Palette for the Office

by Lori Sciame | April 2nd, 2015 | Plus-Size Fashion, Women's Fashion

woman in pastel jkt (400x400)It’s time for a dramatic overhaul in your office attire. Pack away those tired cold weather outfits, including heavy suits and bulky sweaters, and embrace a new (and vivacious) look for the upcoming season.  One way to do this is to infuse your wardrobe with mix and match pieces in spring inspired colors.

To get you started, I’ve listed a few of the hottest color trends in office fashion today.

Shivering Sherbets = Sassy Days

Sherbet is a fun treat, and so are sherbet colored dress clothes for the office.  I simply adore raspberry, orange, and lime sherbet.  Maybe that’s why I love these vivid colors as part of a spring wardrobe.

For instance, you could pair a raspberry silk blouse or linen jacket with a kicky orange skirt.  Add matching orange pumps or flats to complete the look.  View this fabulous color combination by clicking here.

Gorgeous Greens

Spring signals rebirth in nature. Trees begin to unveil their lush leaves and the grass begins to grow once again.  Play upon this “greening” trend of returning life by adding one or more shades of green to your office wardrobe.

For the past several years, this formally unsung color has taken its place in the world of fashion in eye-popping shades, such as lime green. Check out a fantastic example of all that green can offer a simple dress by following this link.

If you are too shy to wear an all green outfit, opt for a lime green hand bag or kelley  green flats instead. Even these small splashes of vibrant green will add a certain zest to your overall look!

Sunny Yellows

Sunny yellow will do wonders to kick start a formerly dull (and winter weary) wardrobe.  Invest in a yellow blazer, skirt, shell, or dress to help you bring along some sunshine with you to the office.

Many believe that yellow does not complement the skin; however, this is simply not true.  The key lies in matching the right hue of yellow to your own unique coloring.  Hold your arm next to these nine different shades to get an idea of which shade to purchase.

Intrigued? Click here to see a darling yellow blazer paired with a creme colored skirt.  The effect is rather dazzling, don’t you agree?

Fresh Colors = A Fresh You

The colors listed above – sherbet, green, and yellow – will certainly infuse an immediate sense of freshness into your work wardrobe.  You’ll be surprised at how much more alive you feel when you tackle your daily tasks dressed in colors that literally “scream” spring.

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