A Touch of Spring

by Melissa | March 27th, 2008 | Home Shopping

Spring is a time to put away the cozy winter accessories and brighten up our homes. Here are some inexpensive ideas to get a fresh spring look:

#1- Create throw pillow covers in bright spring colors. Purchase a couple of coordinating flat sheets at a spring whites sale and make several pillow covers to liven up your couches and beds.

#2- Accent your rooms with some greenery. How about a string of ivy along a shelf? A flower garland might look nice draped over a window treatment. You can purchase some inexpensive garland at your local craft or dollar store.

#3- Find some interesting containers to house freshly picked flowers. You can put an arrangement of tulips in a glass water pitcher for a colorful table centerpiece. Adorn your shelves with groups of interesting bottles and place a tulip in each one. A thrift shop can be a great resource for interesting containers and unique bottles.

#4- A decorated birdhouse can add a charming touch of spring. Purchase an unfinished wooden birdhouse from your local craft store. You can paint or stain it and decorate it with some silk flowers or greenery.

#5- Press some spring flowers. Place several flowers (pansies work well) between a couple pieces of paper and insert them into a heavy book. When there is no moisture left–this takes about two weeks–the flowers are ready to use for decorating. You can mount them on heavy decorative paper and frame them in a unique picture frame.

#6- Use scented candles to bring a fresh aroma into your home. For a unique look, you can fill a large saucer with a base of sand or decorative gravel and arrange a grouping of different height pillar candles. (Make sure that all flammable objects are a safe distance from your flame.)

Use these tips to give a taste of spring—even if the snow lingers.

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